Ohio election decided by one vote overturned after judge throws out illegal votes

21st of September 2015

“Lorain City Councilman Dennis Flores was named the winner of the May Democratic primary Friday after Lorain County Common Pleas Judge Mark Betleski threw out five votes that he determined had been cast for Flores’ opponent, Ryan Horn. The final vote tally after Betleski removed those five votes was 152 votes for Flores, who serves the city’s 2nd Ward, and 148 for Horn…

“At a hearing earlier this month, Betleski said he found that nine of the people who voted in the race were ineligible for various reasons, including not living at the addresses they gave to the elections board.”

The judge and Flores’ attorney Gerald Phillips agree that further action is warranted.  “Phillips said after the hearing that ensuring the sanctity of fair elections is vital to democracy and if there aren’t consequences for people who break the public trust and vote illegally there will be nothing to deter other people from doing so. Betleski has said he will write a letter to county Prosecutor Dennis Will explaining his findings and requesting a criminal investigation.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Lorain prosecuted a case of voter fraud involving illegal voting at the wrong address.

Flores himself, having felt first-hand the impact of fraudulent voting, says “his experience with this election convinced him of the need to increase scrutiny of who is voting, including voter ID laws, something most Democrats oppose because they contend it will limit who has access to the ballot box.”


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