Photo ID bill proposed in Ohio

2nd of May 2015

Under the proposed legislation, the state would provide, at no charge, a state ID to anyone who cannot afford one. Rep. Brenner told PJ Media that even though there could be 40,000 people a year who qualify for free ID cards, “The most it would cost the state is $150,000, according to the Legislative Service Commission analysis. That’s really a drop in the bucket to secure our elections.”  Brenner said they’re also considering adding a provision that would pay for birth certificates for those who cannot afford them. “If someone needs a birth certificate and they’re indigent, we may also have the state pay for that so there will be absolutely no excuse for anybody not getting a photo ID,” he said.  Link

I wouldn’t hold your breath if you are a Ohioan and hoping for photo ID reforms. The legislature, particularly the Senate, is just not serious about passing it.


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