True the Vote offers citizen activists unique education programs including the tools, training, and support needed to protect election integrity in their own communities.

  • Voter Registration
  • Community Leadership
  • Working at the Polls
  • Election Integrity
  • Voter Registry Research
  • Legislative Advocacy

True the Vote’s Knowledge Network is an online tool that connects citizens and allows for communication to organize election integrity efforts in communities across the country. This tool also houses True the Vote’s training materials and resources for citizens to get involved at any stage of the electoral process.


Before True the Vote came onto the national stage, the concept of regular citizens standing up for fair elections – not for a candidate or political party but for the rule of law itself -- was revolutionary. We are taking this concept even further today as we endeavor to build a body of research and analysis that will better educate voters and shape new policies as we adjust our election systems for 21st Century needs. Our goal is simple – we ask and answer questions that make it easier to vote and harder to cheat.

Our National Voter Registry Analysis Tool provides citizens with an online method to view their county’s voter registry and take action to report inaccurate or fraudulent records. This effort encourages state and county governments to improve their registry management processes and discourages attempts by outside parties to submit fraudulent registrations.


Before True the Vote decided to take a state to federal court for failure to follow voter roll maintenance procedures, no citizen group had done it before. TTV has brought together the greatest legal minds in citizen-led election integrity and earned real results in states like Florida, Ohio and Indiana. Our legal arm has been built with former litigators from the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Justice Department and our record shows it. If a state or jurisdiction feels it is above the law in keeping voter rolls clean, they will answer to True the Vote in a federal courthouse.

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