South Texas politiqueras sentenced to prison for buying votes with cocaine and cash

18th of May 2015

“It’s dangerous for this to occur without consequence”


Two Donna campaign workers who bribed voters with cocaine and cash during the 2012 elections both were sentenced to less than a year in prison Thursday.

Veronica Saldivar, 42, was sentenced to eight months in prison and two years of supervised release after she pleaded guilty to election fraud… Saldivar was accused of paying up to 29 voters with cash, beer, cigarettes and cocaine to vote for a Donna school board candidate… Rebecca Gonzalez, 45, worked alongside Saldivar and was sentenced to four months in prison and two years of supervised release.

Saldivar and Gonzalez are the latest of several South Texas politiqueras indicted in connection with fraudulent activity in 2012 elections to be sentenced.

As U.S. District Judge Randy Crane said at the sentencing hearing, “Our country requires that our voting process be clean and free of fraud for democracy to work. It may seem a little inconsequential for little city of Donna to be paying for a few votes in a school board race, but it’s a matter of principle, it’s dangerous for this to occur without consequence.”


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