State attorneys rest in federal trial over North Carolina election law

31st of July 2015

Attorneys representing North Carolina and Gov. Pat McCrory rested their case this morning after calling six witnesses in a federal trial over the state’s controversial election law.

The last witness for the state was Brian Neesby, business systems analysis for the State Board of Election. Neesby testified about data analysis he conducted, including an analysis that showed higher mail verification failure rates for same-day voter registration than the traditional registration that occurs 25 days before an election.

According to Neesby, “2012 voters who used same day registration were up to 35 more times likely to fail the process for certifying their registration by mail.”

The previous witness, state Board of Elections Director Kim Strach, described the mail verification process that county elections officials use to verify that voters live at the address they list on their registration application.  Strach also testified that the Board’s recently-expanded investigation team had turned up new allegations of voter fraud and identified “31 possible cases for referral to district attorneys.”

Also today in North Carolina, the citizen volunteer group Voter Integrity Project reported that a second person the group had identified as a possible interstate double-voter in North Carolina and Florida, and triple-voter in those two states plus Tennessee, was arrested June 25 in Tennessee on voter fraud-related charges.


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