Successful South Texas election contest a “critical victory” for fighting voter fraud, “huge positive for voting rights”

18th of September 2015

A South Texas election marred by voter fraud is finally set for a do-over.  The November 2013 Weslaco City Commission race between incumbent Commissioner Lupe Rivera and challenger Letty Lopez was decided by just 16 votes. Lopez’ attorney Jerad Najvar proved in court that 30 votes were illegally cast.

Alleging voter fraud, Lopez successfully contested the November 2013 election after a year-and-a-half-long legal dispute that, in recent months, became entangled in appellate court… 

“I’m excited that Weslaco voters will finally be able to vote fairly in this race,” Lopez said… “That’s what this case has been all about.”

Najvar sees another big win:  “This case turned a negative into a huge positive for voting rights in South Texas. It sets a legal precedent that voting residency requirements and the mail-in ballot rules that protect elderly voters from coercion will be enforced. This is a critical victory that helps fight election fraud across the Rio Grande Valley.”


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