Texas election overturned due to voter fraud faces continuing delays to re-do

20th of July 2015

The 13th Court of Appeals last week denied [Weslaco] City Commissioner Lupe Rivera’s request for judges to reconsider their decision to call a new election… 

Citing allegations of voter fraud, [Letty] Lopez challenged the November 2013 election after falling short to Rivera by 16 votes. Murray agreed and found that 30 votes were illegally cast in the race.

Lopez believes Rivera will continue delaying the inevitable election re-do with a final appeal to the Texas Supreme Court:

“I believe that, yes, they will make it a delay tactic,” Lopez said. “I just think it’s unfortunate with our voting, democratic process that we have the state Democratic chair, which is Gilberto Hinojosa, Lupe Rivera’s legal representation, doing these delay tactics when in my personal opinion he’s deterring the voters’ rights. How can you, in that capacity, do something like this that is against the democratic process of voting?”


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