The 611 Project

Fight Back Against Non-Citizen Voting

Since 2021 the Biden Administration has pushed voter registration among non-citizens while allowing over 10,000,000 illegal immigrants across our border.

The 611 Project is our response. It's a multi-faceted campaign focused on:

  • A comprehensive handbook compiling research and outlining practical action steps to defend the integrity of our electoral process.
  • A wide-spread effort to identify every state's process for preventing non-citizen voting.
  • A streamlined portal for contacting state representatives and Secretaries of State to hold them accountable.

Must Read Links

America First Legal

This letter lays out a plan for all states to request citizenship data from DHS.

The S.A.V.E Act

A report circulated by Speaker Johnson to U.S. House Members on the threat of non-citizen voting. 

Fight to Be Informed

With the rise of concern related to potential non-citizen voting in this year’s elections, True the Vote sent an Open Records Request on March 28, 2024 to all 50 states and the largest 200 counties to ask what their various procedures and means are to identify and manage non-citizen voter registration. Use the tables below to see what we found.

Non-Citizen ORR by State

Non-Citizen ORR by County

Contact Your Representatives

One of the best ways to join our effort is by contacting your Secretary of State and state representatives. Hold them accountable to both publish their voter verification process and publicly defend against non-citizen voting.

Why "The 611 Project"?

Title 18 of the US Code regarding Voting by Aliens, Section 611 Amendment C is an immigration law passed in 2000. Among other things, it defines citizenship as a state of mind, paving the way for monumental electoral corruption and the abuse of our democratic process.

Our goal is to combat this dangerous loophole by way of awareness and accountability.

As the nation grapples with evolving immigration patterns, increasingly partisan lines and more politicized electoral policies, The 611 Project Handbook offers clarity and a call to action.

Ever Onward. 

Do the research and get educated on the history, impact, and future of non-citizen voting.

Help review and report ineligible voter records in your state with IV3: Independent Voter Validation and Verification.

Leave no polling place unmanned. Use our guide to find information on applying for election service with your county, state, or party.

Spread the word! From Scan. Check. Protect. to Voto Honesto and our toolkits, podcasts, and trainings, you can use all the resources on our website to help strengthen election integrity in your own backyard.