Top Clinton Lawyer Filed Anti-Voter ID Suit for Ohio Group Now Under Investigation for Voter Fraud

1st of November 2015

Voter registration fraud is “exactly why the state legislature enacted election integrity reforms and seemingly why Democrats are fighting so hard against them.”

The Washington Free Beacon reports on the link between Team Hillary and the Ohio community organizing group suspected of forging signatures and registering dead people to vote:

Marc Elias, an attorney at Perkins Coie who has become the go-to fixer for Democrats and is now general counsel for Clinton’s presidential campaign, became involved with the Ohio Organizing Collaborative this May when he filed a lawsuit on its behalf to challenge the state’s voter identification laws.  Now the group is being investigated by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal investigation…

An advisory from Ohio Secretary of State Husted warns county boards of elections about “suspicious voter registration forms submitted by employees of the Ohio Organizing Collaborative” including “forms from persons who are deceased, voter registration forms with multiple names, address or identification mismatches, and voter registration update forms that appear to have been signed by someone other than the voter.”

Pro-pot legalization group ResponsibleOhio is also under investigation after the state received hundreds of voter fraud accusations related to the group’s Issue 3 campaign, including “signing up dead people, teenagers too young to vote and people who don’t appear to exist.”


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