21st of June 2014

Batesville, MS – June 21, 2014: True the Vote has received information suggesting that certain outlier

precincts in Mississippi were reporting abnormally high Republican primary voter turnouts, favoring

Senator Thad Cochran. Given the acknowledged effort of Cochran operatives to mobilize a crossover

vote among traditionally Democrat voters, we decided to take a closer look at the actual County reports

to see if we could verify any statistically relevant anomalies. Our first stop was the Panola County

courthouse in North Mississippi. Their reports do, in fact, show a handful of precincts with voting

patterns well outside the county norm. 


Panola County, like most of Mississippi, was split almost evenly between McDaniel and Cochran. Final

numbers in Panola gave Sen. Cochran 52%, McDaniel 48%; separating the entire county by only a 94-

vote margin; but just one precinct, East Batesville 4, gave Sen. Cochran a 75% advantage over

McDaniel and provided Cochran with a 79-vote margin. 


This means that one precinct accounted for 84% of Sen. Cochran's countywide advantage. Looking

deeper into the numbers we found that this precinct turned out a percentage of voters almost 400%

higher than McDaniel's average and 200% higher than McDaniel's highest turnout ratio. 

"We are still very early in our analysis, but if these patterns are found to exist in other counties, what

we could be looking at is a strategy of engineered voter turnout in targeted precincts on a scale

sufficient to decide the election if the same patterns are repeated in Tuesday's runoff,” said True the

Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht.


This morning, TTV has representatives in other counties gathering information for additional analysis.

Targeted counties include Adams, Alcorn, Boliver, Hinds, Lafayette, and Warren. Our election-integrity

experts will provide additional information as it becomes available.


True the Vote (TTV), a nonpartisan voters' rights and election-integrity organization empowers groups

and individuals across the nation to actively protect the rights of legitimate voters, regardless of

political party affiliation.

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