True the Vote This Week 10/7/16

7th of October 2016

Help Wanted

Election officials across the nation are taking to the airwaves and interwebs to scream “HELP WANTED!” before the November 2016 election. Click on your state to find appropriate contact information for your local elections office. Then, tell them that you’re ready to volunteer!

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Need to report an election problem? There’s an app for that.

Have you ever witnessed election fraud or an irregularity at the polling place but just weren’t sure how to report it in a timely manner? TTV has just the tool for you. VoteStand is now available in the Apple and Google apps stores, and it’s absolutely free. Did you get a strange piece of mail lately encouraging your dog to register to vote or threatening YOU with a “voter violation” for not casting a ballot? Has someone offered to buy your absentee ballot? Did you witness people disrupting your polling place? Did your voting machine suffer a malfunction? With the app, all of these issues and more can be reported directly to True the Vote in real-time!

The timing of this release seems perfect after two swing states (New Hampshire and Virginia) reversed course on their so-called “ballot selfie bans”, creating more latitude for voters to better document their experiences as they happen.

Briefly, here’s how it works: after you send an incident report to TTV, we will work with you to confirm certain details and report your problem to appropriate authorities. Your confirmed report will then be published within the app for others to see – similar to a social media newsfeed. Problems are often witnessed well before polls open, so don’t delay. Download VoteStand today!

Schedule a TTV speaker today!

Just in time for the height of the 2016 Election, True the Vote has fanned out staff and speakers around the southern and southeastern United States -- with more to come. Do you have a meeting or conference coming up and would like to book a speaker on the subject of election integrity? We’ve streamlined the request process with a form now available on the website, here. We can’t wait to address your next event!

Register for the October 18, 2016 National Webinar: VoteStand 101

Are you new to the VoteStand experience? Unless you were an early-adopter in 2014, you probably are. Fear not, the October National Webinar on Tuesday the 18th will help get you up to speed on best practices. Join us at 7 PM Eastern time as we walk through the app’s features and provide additional resources for proper use. Spots are limited on the webinar and they are filling up earlier than usual. Don’t delay in registering for the event!

The curious case of Arcan Cetin

You may be wondering what happened to the curious case of Arcan Cetin, the Washington State mall shooter from Turkey. State and federal law enforcement initially said Cetin was non-citizen. We discovered he was a registered and actively voting in U.S. elections. Last week, TTV shared Cetin’s voting record with appropriate law enforcement to probe the matter further, taking them at their word with respect to citizenship status. As questions began to mount about what appeared to be a non-citizen voter fraud case, federal immigration enforcement changed their story. Sure, weirder things have happened and bloggers who love to hate TTV tried to pin blame on us – but the reality is, we are asking the questions that need to be asked. The whole episode revealed just how faulty our [non-existent] system of citizenship verification in voter registration actually is, especially when federal authorities apparently can’t keep track of who’s naturalized or not.

States, as a matter of general policy, do not make an effort to verify incoming voter registration applications with respect to citizenship status (with incredibly few exceptions). What’s worse, when they try to change course in either a proactive or reactive manner, DOJ lawsuits proliferate to stop their policies, generally grinding their processes to a halt at best. The results are headlines like we’ve seen this week in Virginia and Pennsylvania where noncitizens were found voting.

It’s not all bad though – the Washington SOS now wants to verify citizenship and more states are likely to consider additional voter registration safeguards following the November election, regardless of who wins the White House. The difference between such bills passing and dying is -- you. If we want to see improvement, citizens must demand it. You can start right now by contacting your lawmakers and letting them know you support common sense legislation to ensure only U.S. citizens vote in U.S. elections.

Check out our ‘living’ Election Crimes Database

If you’ve been poking around the TTV website lately, you may have noticed a new feature at the top: the Election Crimes Database. This ever-expanding database hopes to serve as a “living” resource for engaged voters to research election crimes in their various forms, either close to home or across the nation. Start taking a look around, and let us know if you see an incident that should be added!

Did you know? PEW Research highlighted a study that detailed the total amount it would cost to collect ALL voter files in the country. True the Vote’s national voter roll research databank costs $126,482 -- just for the raw data! If you haven’t yet, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to help underwrite our research efforts.


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