True the Vote This Week 11/18/16

18th of November 2016

What Did We Learn from VoteStand in 2016?

True the Vote's first presidential election cycle with the reporting app, VoteStand, gave us a chance to really see what voters across the country were experiencing and redoubled our resolve to push for critical reforms in 2017. We received reports from 29 states. We’re still reviewing details, but here’s a general breakdown of reports by category.

In the weeks ahead, TTV will continue working to verify outstanding reports. If you would like to submit a report about your election experience, please do – we are still hearing from voters all over the country and we want to hear from you, too!  Download VoteStand today if you have not already.

Remember the IRS Lawsuit?

TTV is living proof that the wheels of justice turn slowly. A critical court hearing in D.C. this week will determine the ultimate trajectory of how the case advances. On a separate note, a second appeal was filed to the U.S. Supreme Court last week to address the matter of whether individual defendants like Lois Lerner and former IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman should be immune from liability, given that the appellate court has determined that the IRS itself must answer for its misdeeds. You can read more about this filing, here. Keep a close eye on your inbox for breaking announcements in the days ahead. TTV could likely begin real discovery into the IRS very soon.

So, What’s Next for You?

The 2016 Election is over….but the next phase in the election integrity cycle is fast approaching: legislative advocacy season. The notes you took as a poll watcher; the incidents reported near you in VoteStand; local news reports and others are all valuable assets to begin to build out a list of legislative reforms in your state. You can get an idea for your state’s legislative schedule by starting here. Still unsure as to what you do after that? TTV has you covered with training available now!

Check out our ‘living’ Election Crimes Database

If you’ve been poking around the TTV website lately, you may have noticed a new feature at the top: the Election Crimes Database. This valuable tool has been specially created to serve as a “living” resource for engaged voters to research election crimes in their various forms -- either close to home or across the nation. Start taking a look around. Do us a favor and let us know if you see an incident that should be added to this living database!


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