True the Vote This Week 12/18/15

18th of December 2015

Could Missouri be the next voter ID state?

Sometimes it pays to not be the first out of the gate. If Missouri’s HB 1631 holds up, we could be seeing a new generation of voter ID laws without the typical aspects the left-wing grievance class loves to hate.

Under the bill, a person wishing to cast a regular ballot in person would have to provide one of the following: a nonexpired MO driver’s license; a MO personal ID card; or a nonexpired photo ID with visible birthdate issued by the U.S. Government, State of Missouri, U.S. Department of Defense or Veterans Affairs. An expired ID could be used only if it expired since the “most recent general election.” If a person cannot comply due to mental or physical handicap, inability to obtain a birth certificate, religious conflict or born before January 1, 1946, they may sign an affidavit to vote.

Missourians: your voice truly can help push this legislation forward. Even though the bill is only days old, you should encourage your state representative to cosponsor and publicly pledge support. You can look up your representative here. And don’t stop there. Contact your Missouri House Leadership to make sure HB 1631 is pushed along. 2016 can be Missouri’s year to finally get this done.


Did you know? PEW Research highlighted a study that detailed the total amount it would cost to collect ALL voter files in the country. True the Vote’s national voter roll research databank costs $126,482 -- just for the raw data! If you haven’t yet, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to help underwrite our research efforts.


ACORN shell groups sued North Carolina … again.

There’s nothing like a messaging lawsuit to keep you in the local papers when you want to agitate for “fundamental transformation” in voter registration law. This week, the State of North Carolina was sued by former ACORN affiliates for waning voter registration rates and other allegations of wrongdoing by public agencies. While the Tar Heel State continues to defend its voter ID law in a separate lawsuit, similar plaintiffs allege that the DMV failed to transmit voter registration forms in time for the 2014 election. They also blame other government assistance agencies for not being aggressive enough in offering voter registration opportunities. The federal lawsuit argues that public assistance applications submitted to the NC Department of Health and Human Services (for things like Medicaid, CHIP, TANF, etc.) dropped roughly 13.8 percent from 2011 to 2013, while voter registration applications fell 56 percent during the same period. Expect an expensive court battle that will likely end in a favorable settlement for the ACORN crew – this is their bread and butter, unfortunately.


There’s a good chance the IRS heard us on this one…

Want to know how to pierce the echo chamber of IRS regulators?  Send thousands of emails to their inboxes during a period of public comment. After TTV and others took to the media to decry a proposed IRS rule to require Social Security Numbers from donors, we’re seeing signs of retreat. Our critiques have been reported by Fox News, The Christian Post, Financial Advisor magazine and The Wall Street Journal lately. Last week’s newsletter asked that you register a public comment and at that time, there were less than 10,000. The period ended with roughly 35,000.  We’ll keep you posted as the IRS weighs the reviews and renders a decision. Thank you for your help with this one – we the people spoke loudly – let’s see if the IRS chooses to listen.


Legislation on the Move


Voter Registration bill SB 1007 was prefiled. This bill provides automatic voter registration for citizens who apply for a driver’s license or renewal, unless the applicant declines.


Absentee Voting bill HB 4724 was reassigned to Committee on Government Operations. This bill would amend the Michigan Election Law to modify the procedures both for obtaining an application for an absentee ballot, and also for returning that application to the local clerk where the voter was registered to vote.


Voter ID bill HB 1631 was prefiled. This bill would require photo identification in order to vote with specified exemptions.

New Jersey

Conduct of Elections bill AJR 104 was scheduled to be heard December 14. This joint resolution permits each county commissioner of registration, in consultation with the respective board of elections, to conduct an “Electronic Poll Book Demonstration Project” in certain election districts during the 2015 election cycle, upon review and approval of each project’s plan by the Secretary of State.


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