True the Vote Founder and President Catherine Engelbrecht issued the following statement regarding the “Validate the Vote” initiative, dismissal of lawsuits, and ongoing fight for election integrity:

“Yesterday, we made the difficult decision to dismiss our current lawsuits in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. While we stand by the voters’ testimony that was brought forth, barriers to advancing our arguments, coupled with constraints on time, made it necessary for us to pursue a different path. But our fight for election integrity continues. The litigation component of our work is only a fraction of what we are doing to pursue real solutions to vulnerabilities in our election system. We are proud of the work we have done to inform Americans of the massive gaps in election security – and after the chaos that ensued after November 3, there is no denying the real and widespread problems nationwide. Americans are now ‘woke’ about the mess – let’s clean it up together.

“Our mission is much bigger than just one election. It is about repairing the system for all future elections. Our data analysis is ongoing and we’ll continue our own thorough top to bottom investigation in the key battleground states to expose the gaping security lapses in our election system. American voters deserve to know the truth. They deserve to have every legal vote counted, which means exposing the illegal votes and shoring up the system to minimize future illegal votes. We are pressing onward.… Georgia here we come.”

Validate the Vote

Significant tangible evidence of voter fraud has potentially swayed the legitimate results of the 2020 general election in key battleground states. As a result, True the Vote has launched Validate the Vote – an initiative to ensure election validity and process integrity. You can learn more about this initiative here

Join us in this fight as we take action to ensure 2020 election returns reflect the principle of “one vote for one voter” and repair our broken elections once and for all.


Georgia’s Secretary of State announced a hand recount of all ballots cast in the November 3 Election. True the Vote is steering thousands of volunteers to Georgia to assist in this recount and to ensure that the law is upheld and law-abiding voters have their voices heard! Georgia is Ground Zero in this fight for election integrity!

Sign up to volunteer in Georgia today! Please be sure we have your contact information – and include a mobile number so we can stay connected via text.

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Report potential fraud

We must all take part in ensuring the 2020 election returns reflect the principle of “One vote for one voter.”

If you’ve witnessed election fraud, manipulation or illegal action taking place, let us know by filling out this report or calling our hotline at 855-702-0702.

Report Online
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Where we are fighting



On Saturday, November 7, the Michigan Legislature issued a subpoena to election officials in conjunction with an investigation into irregularities in the voting process cited by Rupublican lawmakers.

If you have a first hand account of specific and detailed fraud that has taken place in Michigan, we need to hear from you.




Over 13,500 misprinted ballots had to be transcribed by poll workers, with 20 members of the Wisconsin National Guard being called in to assist with counting. Poll workers were forced to work long hours to meet deadlines, and various reports suggest foul play.

If you have a first hand account of specific and detailed fraud that has taken place in Wisconsin, we need to hear from you.




On election night, President Trump held just over a 600,000 ballot lead in Pennsylvania while Republican poll watchers were challenged by state election officials in their pursuit of transparent oversight into election activities.

If you have a first hand account of specific and detailed fraud that has taken place in Pennsylvania, we need to hear from you.




Less than 1,600 reported ballots separate Joe Biden and President Trump in Georgia and the state is responsible for 16 electoral votes. With a potential run-off election for two senate seats also hanging in the balance, the fight for Georgia is arguably one of the most important.

If you have a first hand account of specific and detailed fraud that has taken place in Georgia, we need to hear from you.


Whistleblower Laws

Most states, and the federal government, have whistleblower laws in place to ensure the protection of those who come forward with claims or evidence of violations.

If you have bared witness to acts of voter and/or election fraud, you should know that you can feel safe knowing that you are protected against retaliation from your employer, and the government, for bringing the truth to light.

What is a Whistleblower?

According to OxfordLanguages, a “whistleblower” is “a person who informs on a person or organization engaged in an illicit activity.”

The Importance of Whistleblowers

The role of a whistleblower is vital to American Democracy because whistleblowers help justice to be realized in places where it would otherwise be impossible.

Without upstanding individuals willing to speak out against corruption, those in charge will continue to take liberties with our Constitutional rights.

Who Can be a Whistleblower?

Any individual with specific and detailed information about fraud against the government. With regards to our current election, anyone that can provide specific accounts of fraudulent activity during the voting process can come forward as a whistleblower. Election registrars, poll workers, volunteers and voters can all come forward as whistleblowers.



True the Vote Contests Illegal Ballots Cast in Pennsylvania; ​Sues Gov. Tom Wolf and Secretary of State Kathryn Boockvar

Represents Four Pennsylvania Voters in Court Who Want a Thorough Investigation Into Credible Allegations That Illegal Ballots Were Counted in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, and Allegheny Counties, Possibly Enough to Contest Results of Presidential Election


True the Vote Sues Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to Contest Illegal Ballots Counted in Michigan

Represents Michigan Voters in Litigation Seeking Full Investigation Into Voting Irregularities That Diluted Legal Votes and Possibly Influenced Election Outcome


True the Vote Files Lawsuit in Georgia to Launch Investigation Into
Voter Rolls; Determine the Number of Actual Illegal Votes Cast in the State

Georgia Voters Believe There is Sufficient Suspicion of Illegal Voting, Warranting Thorough Investigation


True the Vote Files Lawsuit in Wisconsin to Launch an Investigation Into Voter Rolls; Determine the Number of Actual Illegal Votes Cast in the State

Wisconsin Voters Believe There is Sufficient Suspicion of Illegal Voting, Warranting Thorough Investigation

Timeline of Account

The following is a timeline of key dates surrounding final certification of elections and vote of the Electoral College, prior to Inauguration Day:

December 8

“Safe Harbor” - date by which states must certify results and assign electors. If an election is in dispute, state legislatures may assign electors.

December 14

Electors meet in their states to cast votes for the president and VP.

January 3

New Congress is sworn in; 117th session starts.

January 6

Electoral votes are counted in House chamber by members of House and Senate; if neither candidate has 270 electoral college votes, the election is in dispute.

January 20

Inauguration Day – new president takes oath of office. In a disputed election, the House will appoint the president and Senate will choose the VP.