True the Vote Election Crimes Database

A nationwide compilation of election crimes prosecutions

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State Defendant Co-Defendants Sex Date Election D/R Charged Convicted Type1 Type2 Type3 # Charges # Fraudulent Votes / Election Margin Description Sentence Source1 Source2 Source3 Source4 Source5sort descending Follow Up
West Virginia Jerry Bowman Donald Whitten Thomas Ramey, Jr. M 2010-11 Democratic primary D Absentee/mail Illegal assistance 1 100 Former Lincoln County Sheriff Jerry Bowman pleaded* guilty to falsifying over 100 absentee ballots during the 2010 Democrat primary for voters who couldn’t legally vote absentee, and to illegally being in the same room with voters as they marked their absentee ballots and sometimes marking their ballots himself. Former Lincoln County Clerk Donald Whitten also pleaded guilty to obstructing a federal investigation into voter fraud after admitting lying to federal investigators about his role in the conspiracy. Bowman was sentenced to one year and one day in prison plus two years of supervised release and a $5,000 fine. Both Democrats agreed to resign from office and never seek office again. *Plea deal: 1 year and 1 day in federal prison, 2 years of supervised release, $5,000 fine
Indiana Randall Blue Artis M 2003 Democratic primary D 2006-03 Voter intimidation/coercion 7 Randall Blue Artis was charged with seven felony counts including inducing an East Chicago woman to vote outside of her home precinct and commit other voting violations in connection with the May 2003 Democratic mayoral primary in East Chicago. Longtime Mayor Robert Pastrick narrowly defeated challenger George Pabey in that primary, but the Indiana Supreme Court overturned Pastrick's victory due to widespread voter fraud and ordered a new election.
Kentucky Willard Smith "Donnie Newsome (Knott County Judge-Executive)" M 1998-05 Primary D 2003-04 Vote buying Knott County Judge-Executive Donnie Newsome was convicted of leading a conspiracy to buy votes in the May 26, 1998 Knott County primary election. The jury found that Donnie Newsome and Willard Smith, working together and with other conspirators, approached and paid numerous impoverished, handicapped, illiterate or otherwise impaired persons to vote for Newsome and others by absentee ballot, resulting in a large increase in the rate of absentee voting 2 years in prison and $5,000 fine
Oregon Diana Clagett F 2006-02 Petition Fraud 2 Diana Clagett was accused of submitting false signatures for an initiative petition during the 2006 elections. 27 signatures either belonged to unregistered voters or did not match the signatures on voter registration cards. Charged with 2 counts of making false statements on an official election document, a Class C felony. Pleaded guilty to one, and the other was dropped after plea negotiations. 36 months probation
Texas Elida Garza Flores F 2005-05 School board Absentee/Mail Illegal assistance 1 1 Elida Garza Flores entered pre-trial diversion in 2006 after being charged with one count of absentee ballot fraud (TEC 86.006) in the 2005 school election. *Pre-Trial Intervention: 12 months comunity supervision Nueces: 05-CR-9805-4
Illinois Mahmoud Vakili Parvin Vakili M Multiple 2011-9 Non-citizen voting Registration fraud - ineligible non-citizen 2 5 Mahmoud Vakili and his wife Parvin Vakili were charged with perjury of the election code and mutilation of election material. The couple, who were both born in Iran, were not U.S. citizens. According to the Lake County Clerk's office, Mahmoud Vakili first registered to vote in Lake County in 1988 and Parvin Vakili in 1992. Since then, Mahmoud voted five times and Parvin seven times, most recently in 2010. The clerk's office is required to process any voter registration applications that it receives but does not have tools available by which to confirm someone's citizenship before accepting a voter registration application. 12 months supervised probation, 100 hours community service, fines and court costs
Wisconsin Eric L. Swift M Ineligible felon voting Eric L. Swift was accused of knowingly voting while being a convicted felon. 90 days in prison and $100 fine
Georgia Election contest: Jack Stone v. Bayne Cole 2015-11 Hazlehurst mayoral 2015-11 Election contest Vote buying/selling Ineligible district voting 2 A judge threw out Hazlehurst’s November 2015 mayoral election results due to voter fraud. Incumbent Mayor Jack Cole lost re-election by two votes to Bayne Stone and contested the election. Cole accused Stone and his supporters of paying voters to go to the polls and helping non-residents cast ballots. The judge's order said he believed the allegations of vote buying and other irregularities, including testimony from two voters who said Stone's son paid them off the street to go cast ballots. A new election was ordered. New election ordered
Kentucky Martin County - Name Unknown 2003 Registration Fraud 1 An unnamed individual was charged with one count of fraudulent registration and found guilty.
Georgia Karen Slater F 2006-09 Absentee Ballot Fraud Registration Fraud Accused of being in violation of Georgia laws § 21-2-381(a)(1) and § 21-2-56, which are rules regarding eligibility for absentee ballot requests and knowingly registering voters who are not eligible to vote, respectively. (State Elections Board Case #2005-000067, City of Commerce) $100 fine and a cease and desist order.


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