True the Vote Election Crimes Database

A nationwide compilation of election crimes prosecutions

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State Defendant Co-Defendants Sex Date Election D/R Charged Convicted Type1 Type2 Type3 # Charges # Fraudulent Votes / Election Margin Description Sentence Source1 Source2sort descending Source3 Source4 Source5 Follow Up
California Jose Fragozo M 2012 Escondido school board Registration fraud Perjury 13 1 Jose Fragozo pleaded* guilty to one felony count of voter fraud after being charged with 13 felony counts including perjury, false voter registration and filing false election documents, stemming from allegations that he lied about where he lived in order to win election to the Escondido Union School District Board in 2012. The judge declined to reduce Fragozo’s felony count to a misdemeanor, but left that option for a later time. *Plea deal: 3 years probation, 15 days public work service, fines/restitution
Texas Robert William Sanders M Case declined for prosecution. Robert William Sanders was mailed a letter. No new violations were reported. Statue of limitations expired.
Texas Maria Gonzalez (aka Dolores Gutierrez) Jose Rene Gomez Oralia Frausto Oscar Rios F 2006-03 Democratic primary D 2006-06 Registration fraud - fake Absentee/mail 5 5 Maria Gonzalez (aka Dolores Gutierrez) was charged with five counts of absentee ballot fraud for illegally possessing other voters' ballots (TEC 86.006). Oscar Rios, Oralia Frausto, and Jose Rene Gomez - Starr and Hidalgo county political operatives - were also indicted for voter fraud in a large-scale effort to submit mail-in ballots for imaginary people in 2006’s March Democratic primary election. The four were indicted by a grand jury in Brooks County on charges related to the scheme, which involved registering fake voters to vacant lots in Starr County and having mail-in ballots sent to several Hidalgo County addresses. Gonzalez entered pre-trial diversion. Pre-Trial Intervention: 1 year Starr/Brooks: 07-05-09742 CR
Connecticut Neil A. Dupont M Absentee/Mail Neil Dupont filled out an absentee ballot for his wife but failed to co-sign the ballot to show that he assisted her. Ordered to comply with this rule for future elections
Wisconsin Adam Mucklin (CVP employee) M 2010 Registration fraud 2 0 Adam Mucklin pleaded guilty to Providing False Information to Election Official (Felony Class I) and Intentional Violation of Election Duty (Felony Class I). Mucklin illegally registered himself to vote, and also registered others as a special registration deputy working for CVP, while he was a convicted felon on active supervision. Both charges were amended to attempted offenses, making each misdemeanors (attempt to commit a Class I felony). Mucklin was sentenced to 4 months incarceration for count 1, and 7 months incarceration imposed and stayed with 1 year probation for count 2. *Plea deal: 4 months in jail, plus 7 months in jail imposed and stayed with 1 year probation
Mississippi Dale Berry Dale Berry's name was included on a list by Mississippi Attorney General's Office.
Georgia Amber Lynn F 2009 Registration Fraud Accused of false registration. Case referred to Richmond County District Attorney's Office.
Georgia Romulo Alvarrado M 2008 2011 Multiple Voting Alvarrado was accused of being registered to vote in both Florida and Georgia and voting in both states during the 2008 election. $500 fine, cease and desist order and public reprimand
Washington Charles Roberts M 1 Records received from Snohomish County Washington did not indicate the specific accusation. From a list of almost 200 voter fraud cases that occurred since June 2007, only one person was charged. According to the prosecutor's office, the remainder of the cases were not prosecuted and no records were kept on the type of specific charge for the unprosecuted cases.
Virginia Rick Harris M 2011-02 Registration Fraud Ineligible Voting 2 Rick Harris was charged with false statement on voter form and unqualified person voting. Guilty. (Nottoway County)


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