True the Vote Election Crimes Database

A nationwide compilation of election crimes prosecutions

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State Defendant Co-Defendants Sex Date Election D/R Charged Convicted Type1 Type2sort descending Type3 # Charges # Fraudulent Votes / Election Margin Description Sentence Source1 Source2 Source3 Source4 Source5 Follow Up
California Roy Mitchell M 2001-08 2001-12 Petition Fraud 3 Roy Mitchell was charged with 3 counts of misrepresenting petitions. Stanislaus County Superior Court (Case Number: 1032540) Case dismissed.
New Jersey Ronald Harris Marty Small Ernest Storr Tracy Pijuan Luquay Zahir Floyd Tally David Callaway Toni Dixon Dameka Cross Mark Crumble Michele Griffin Ramona Stephens Demaris Jones M 2009 Municipal - Democratic primary D 2009-09 Absentee/Mail 9 Ronald Harris pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit absentee ballot fraud, connected with race involving City Councilman Marty Small. Testimony indicated ballots were opened, and those ballots cast against Small were destroyed. Harris was charged with 1 count of Conspiracy, 4 counts of Election Fraud, 1 count of Absentee Ballot Fraud, 1 count of Tampering With Public Records 1 count of Falsifying Records and 1 count of Forgery. Pleaded guilty to 1 count and all other charges were dropped. Under the plea agreement, sentenced to 181 days in the Atlantic County Justice Facility and 3 years of probation. Could face 3 to 5 years in state prison if he does not comply with the terms.
Texas Raymond Villarreal M 2006 Primary Illegal assistance 7 4 Raymond Villarreal pleaded* guilty to one count of tampering with a government record after being charged with four counts of illegal voting and three counts of tampering in the 2006 primary. *Plea deal: 2 years (suspended), 90 days in jail, 5 years community supervision, $1500 fine, $2090 restitution Refugio: 2007-2-4809, 2007-2-4810
Michigan Mohammed Russell Armani Asad, Salim Ahmed M 2013-08 Hamtramck municipal primary 2013-09 Absentee/Mail 6 6 Mohammed Russell, Salim Ahmed, and Armani Asad were charged with a total of 41 counts of felony voter fraud for illegally possessing and returning 48 absentee ballots during Hamtramck's August 2013 primary election. It is a felony to possess or return absentee ballots unless you are the person voting, the voter's family member, a mail carrier, or an authorized official. Russell was charged with six counts, each of which carries a penalty of up to five years in prison.
Iowa Unnamed 2016-10 General Multiple voting 1 1 Three people have tried to vote multiple times in the November 2016 general election in Polk County, according to Des Moines police reports. Two of the incidents involved people casting mail-in ballots and also voting in person at one of the county's early voting locations. As of October 28, neither of those two suspects had been arrested.
Connecticut David Ford M 2004-11 Presidential Ineligible felon voting David Ford was accused of applying for a ballot and voting in the 2004 presidential election even though he was a felon whose voting rights had been revoked. Ford's attorney provided a copy of the notice of his rights restoration, which indicated that Ford was no longer under the jurisdiction of the Connecticut Department of Correction and that his discharge date was July 30, 2004. Ford was eligible to have his voting rights restored on July 30, 2004. No further action was taken on complaint. Dismissed
Georgia Talbot County Registrar's Office Absentee Ballot Fraud The Talbot County Registrar's Office was accused of sending out ballots to elderly voters who did not request them. $200 fine, cease and desist order and public reprimand
Iowa Thomas Gordon Crook M Thomas Crook was charged with 3rd Degree Election Misconduct 39A.2. Pleaded guilty. Jail
Ohio Quentin L. Nichols M 2007-02 Petition Fraud 6 Charged with violations of statute 3599.14(A)(5), which pertains to circulating fraudulent petitions. Pleaded guilty to 3 counts of prohibitions relating to petitions or declarations. Other counts dismissed. 3 years of probation, pay costs and fees
Texas Brandi Shields F Brandi Shields was mailed a letter. No new violations were reported. Statue of limitations expired. Not charged.


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