True the Vote Election Crimes Database

A nationwide compilation of election crimes prosecutions

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Statesort descending Defendant Co-Defendants Sex Date Election D/R Charged Convicted Type1 Type2 Type3 # Charges # Fraudulent Votes / Election Margin Description Sentence Source1 Source2 Source3 Source4 Source5 Follow Up
West Virginia Glen Dale “Hound Dog” Adkins (former Logan County Clerk) M Vote Buying Glen Dale “Hound Dog” Adkins was indicted with others for a conspiracy to control county government in Lincoln County by buying votes, keeping some supporters’ property taxes low, controlling county and state government jobs and rewarding supporters by ensuring their roads were repaired. Admitted that he sold his vote in 1996 for $500. Charged with accepting money for voting. Pleaded guilty.
West Virginia John Mendez (former Logan County Sheriff) M John Mendez pleaded guilty in a vote buying scheme.
West Virginia Clifford Odell "Groundhog" Vance (Division of Highways worker) M Vote Buying Clifford Odell "Groundhog" Vance admitted that he bribed voters with pints of Kessler whiskey, $10 to $15 in cash, or both in 1988 or 1990.
West Virginia James Surkamp (former Jefferson County Commissioner) M Primary D 2010-04 Multiple Voting Unauthorized presence at polls 2 James Surkamp was charged with illegal voting and unauthorized presence in election room. He voted during early voting and then attempted to vote again on election day. Pleaded guilty to unauthorized presence and the other count was dropped. $100 fine
West Virginia Donald Whitten Jerry Bowman Thomas Ramey, Jr. M 2010-11 Democratic primary D Absentee/mail Obstruction 1 0 Former Lincoln County Clerk Donald Whitten pleaded* guilty to obstructing a federal investigation after admitting lying to federal investigators about his role in the voter fraud conspiracy with former Lincoln County Sheriff Jerry Bowman, who pleaded guilty to falsifying over 100 absentee ballots during the 2010 Democrat primary for voters who couldn’t legally vote absentee, and to illegally being in the same room with voters as they marked their absentee ballots and sometimes marking their ballots himself. Whitten was sentenced to 18 months in prison plus two years of supervised release and a $5,000 fine. Both Democrats agreed to resign from office and never seek office again. *Plea deal: 18 months in federal prison, 2 years of supervised release, $5,000 fine
Wisconsin ADDED SOURCE Ruth E. Kirk F Multiple Voting Ruth E. Kirk was accused of voting more than once in the same election and charged with 2 counts of disorderly conduct. The voter fraud charge was dismissed on prosecutor's motion, but Kirk was charged with both counts of disorderly conduct, guilty because of no contest plea. It is unknown whether the charges are related.
Wisconsin ADDED SOURCE Enrique C. Sanders M Multiple Voting 1 Enrique C. Sanders was accused of voting twice in the same election. Mistrial declared.
Wisconsin ADDED SOURCE Brian L. Davis M Registration Fraud Multiple Voting 2 Brian L. Davis was accused of filling out two registration cards and voting twice. Davis' case was dismissed because a competency evaluation revealed he was not competent to stand trial.
Wisconsin ADDED SOURCE Correan F. Edwards Ineligible felon voting 1 Correan F. Edwards was accused of knowingly voting while being a convicted felon.
Wisconsin ADDED SOURCE Jiyto L. Cox Ineligible felon voting 1 Jiyto L. Cox was accused of knowingly voting while being a convicted felon.


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