True the Vote Election Crimes Database

A nationwide compilation of election crimes prosecutions

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State Defendant Co-Defendants Sexsort descending Date Election D/R Charged Convicted Type1 Type2 Type3 # Charges # Fraudulent Votes / Election Margin Description Sentence Source1 Source2 Source3 Source4 Source5 Follow Up
Oregon Jorge Jesus Hosier M 2005-03 Registration Fraud 4 Jorge Jesus Hosier was accused of filling out a voter registration card using his younger brother's name. Charged with 3 counts of making false statements under election laws and 1 count of forgery in the first degree. Pleaded guilty. 80 sanction units, 90 jail units, 3 years of probation, and $1,845 in court fines and restitution
Kansas Raymond H. Kurtz Jr. M 2006-08 2006-11 2008-11 2011-07 Multiple Voting 3 3 Raymond H. Kurtz Jr. was accused of unlawfully, knowingly and willing voting or offering to vote more than once in three elections. Charged with 3 counts of voting without being qualified. Sentenced to a diversion period of 18 months and $1,105 in court and diversion fees and fines.
Georgia Doyle Stone Greg Stone M 2008 Primary Absentee/Mail Voter intimidation/coercion Former Twiggs County Sheriff Doyle Stone and his son, Greg Stone, were investigated for mishandling absentee ballots in Greg Stone’s 2008 primary campaign for sheriff. Absentee voters complained that Doyle Stone coerced them into voting for Greg Stone, and then took their ballots rather than allow them to be mailed in. Greg Stone lost the election by a wide margin. Both men agreed* to pay $300 in civil fines. *Plea deal: $300 civil fines
New Hampshire Stephan Bryant Ordway II M 2008-11 General Registration Fraud Ineligible district voting The New Hampshire Attorney General's Office investigated Stephan Bryant Ordway II because he reportedly registered and voted for the first time on Election Day without photo identification, and the United States Post Office returned a verification letter sent to his address as undeliverable. His identity was later verified, according to a New Hampshire Attorney General's Office investigation. Ordway was not charged.
Iowa Nickie Dean Perkins M 2012 General 2013-03 Ineligible felon voting 2 1 Nickie Dean Perkins pleaded* guilty to election misconduct for registering to vote and voting went to the Marietta-Washington Township polling place while a felon whose voting rights had not been restored. sentenced to a 5 year suspended sentence, 2 years' probation and $750 in fines plus court costs. *Plea deal: 5 year suspended sentence, 2 years probation, $750 fine, court costs
Illinois Steveland Kidd M 2013-04 Municipal 2013-04 Absentee/Mail 2 2 Steveland Kidd of Cahokia was charged with two felony counts of violation of absentee ballots in St. Clair County. Case set for trial April 2016.
Georgia Ronald D. Wilson, Sr. M Absentee Ballot Fraud Ronald D. Wilson, Sr. was accused of being in violation of Georgia law § 21-2-574, which deals with unlawful possession of ballots. Cease and desist order
Iowa Kenneth Yanda M Kenneth Yanda was charged with 3rd Degree Election Misconduct 39A.2. Pleaded guilty. Fine
New York Joseph Connors (former Mechanicville Democratic Committee Chairman) William Connors M Primary D 2005-08 Absentee Ballot Fraud Forgery Joseph Connors, Mechanicville Democratic Committee Chairman, allegedly helped his brother William forge absentee ballots. Pleaded guilty to one charge of disorderly conduct. 100 hours of community service
Virginia Chester Moody M 2002-06 Ineligible Voting 2 Chester Moody was charged with unqualified person voting. Guilty. (Norfolk County)


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