True the Vote Election Crimes Database

A nationwide compilation of election crimes prosecutions

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State Defendant Co-Defendants Sex Date Election D/R Chargedsort descending Convicted Type1 Type2 Type3 # Charges # Fraudulent Votes / Election Margin Description Sentence Source1 Source2 Source3 Source4 Source5 Follow Up
North Carolina Joshua Workman M 2000 2002 General and Primary Non-citizen voting 4 Joshua Workman, a Canadian citizen, was indicted and charged with voting and related offenses in the 2000 and 2002 primary and general elections. He pleaded guilty to providing false information to elections officials and to a federal agency. (Case #1:03-CR- 00038, Western District of North Carolina)
Missouri Brandon E. Jones M 2004 General Multiple Voting 1 Brandon E. Jones pleaded guilty to voting twice in the 2004 presidential election.
Washington Richard Lindblom M 1 Records received from Snohomish County Washington did not indicate the specific accusation. From a list of almost 200 voter fraud cases that occurred since June 2007, only one person was charged. According to the prosecutor's office, the remainder of the cases were not prosecuted and no records were kept on the type of specific charge for the unprosecuted cases.
New Mexico Dyon Herrera Laura Seeds M 2016-03 Espanola municipal Absentee/Mail Forgery 3 Dyon Herrera was charged with felony voter fraud in the Espanola, NM city election on March 1, 2016, for forging signatures on two absentee ballots belonging to his grandparents and one absentee ballot application. The election was decided by just two votes. The charges filed in June in Magistrate Court were dismissed July 20 without prejudice, and the AG's dismissal notice indicated criminal charges will be refiled at a later time. The District Attorney forwarded the absentee applications and voter oath documents to the State Police after hearing in-person early voting precinct judge Therisa Aguilar's account of the alleged fraud she witnessed one of Councilor Robert Seeds’s campaign volunteers commit. The alleged fraud was set in motion by Councilor Seeds’s wife, Laura Seeds, after she reportedly took a call on Herrera's cell phone from Herrera’s grandmother Leona Herrera, wanting to know if something could be done about the absentee ballots her husband LeeRoy Herrera mistook for junk mail and ripped up. Herrera was supposed to return the repaired ballots to his grandparents’ house, but Herrera returned immediately with the two absentee ballots allegedly voted and signed by his grandparents. The signatures on both of the voter oath cards were identical and very different from the ones on the absentee applications the couple reportedly submitted ahead of receiving the ballots. Under the advisement of state election officials and City Attorney Frank Coppler, the suspicious ballots were set aside and not counted. The third allegation of voter fraud also happened during early in-person voting. In that case, Laura Seeds was apparently assisting a voter, Daysi Lopez, who was also picking up absentee ballots for her four siblings. However, election officials realized one of the applications lacked a signature, which means she would not be given a ballot for the application unless it was signed. Laura Seeds and crew quickly informed Aguilar that the owner of the unsigned application was in the car. Seeds reportedly asked Dyon Herrera to go out to the car and have the owner of the application, Ben Lopez, sign the document. Herrera returned with the signed document, but it appeared to election officials that Ben Lopez wasn’t present, and the signature on that voter oath document was similar to the signatures on the oath cards reportedly belonging to Dyon Herrera’s grandparents. Voter fraud is a fourth-degree felony and if charged and convicted, Herrera could face an 18-month prison sentence on all three counts.
New Hampshire Amanda Diana Hawkins F 2008-11 General Registration Fraud Ineligible district voting The New Hampshire Attorney General's Office investigated Amanda Diana Hawkins because she reportedly registered and voted for the first time on Election Day without photo identification, and the United States Post Office returned a verification letter sent to her address as undeliverable. Her identity was later verified, according to a New Hampshire Attorney General's Office investigation. Hawkins was not charged
Georgia Cheryl Murphy F OTHER Cheryl Murphy was accused of failing to notify of change of address. $100 fine, cease and desist order and public reprimand
Florida Mohsin Ali M 2006 Non-citizen voting As a Florida resident, Mohsin Ali was told he could vote, but he wasn't a U.S. citizen. The case was charged as a misdemeanor. (U.S. v. Mohsin Ali, No. 4-05-CR-47 (N.D. Fla.)
Tennessee Brenda Woods (former city council member and candidate for mayor) F 2009 Municipal Voter intimidation/coercion Illegal assistance Witnesses at trial were granted immunity and testified that Woods took them to the polls at separate times to vote for her even though she knew they were felons. Convicted in 2010, but was granted a new trial and again convicted in 2014. Two years of community corrections. Prohibited from voting or running for political office.
North Carolina Unnamed Poll Worker 2010-11 General Impersonation In person 1 According to the Lenoir County Board of Elections minutes, during the 2010 general election a poll worker pulled the master list, removed the necessary label, grabbed a ballot and proceeded to vote in place of a member of the family. Details as to the worker, the precinct and the candidate to whom those votes would have gone have not been released. Former LCBOE Chairman Robert Waller said the board was informed of the incident at its Nov. 12, 2010, meeting, and sent the case on to the State Board of Elections. From there, an SBOE investigator pursued the case, taking statements from elections director Dana King and other poll workers. “It’s my understanding that that matter was referred to the D.A. for your prosecutorial district,” SBOE Elections Liaison Veronica Degraffenreid said. District Attorney Branny Vickory said the investigation remains open as of May 2013 but couldn’t say if there will be further action resulting from its findings.
Indiana Robert Croy M 2003 Democratic primary D Ineligible district voting 1 Robert and Dolores Croy pleaded* guilty to voter fraud during the 2003 Democratic primary, illegally voting in East Chicago when they lived in Hobart. As part of their sentences, Lake Superior Court Judge Salvador Vasquez ordered each to make public apologies. Robert and Dolores Croy pleaded* guilty to voter fraud in the 2003 Democratic primary, illegally voting in East Chicago when they lived in Hobart. As part of their sentences, Lake Superior Court Judge Salvador Vasquez ordered each to make public apologies.


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