True the Vote Election Crimes Database

A nationwide compilation of election crimes prosecutions

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State Defendant Co-Defendants Sex Date Election D/R Charged Convicted Type1 Type2 Type3 # Charges # Fraudulent Votes / Election Margin Description Sentencesort descending Source1 Source2 Source3 Source4 Source5 Follow Up
West Virginia Thomas Ramey, Jr. (former Lincoln County commissioner) Jerry Bowman Donald Whitten M 2010 Municipal - Democratic primary 2012-07 Absentee/Mail Thomas Ramey Jr. was a Lincoln County commissioner when he lied to an FBI agent about his handling of fraudulent absentee ballots. Ramey was part of a conspiracy to flood the 2010 Democratic primary with absentee ballots. Ramey directed another person to alter applications and was present when the alterations were made. Ramey admitted he completed many false absentee ballot applications for would-be voters, providing false reasons to claim those voters were eligible to vote absentee. Pleaded guilty after resigning from office. The plea agreement required Ramey to resign his seat on the Lincoln County Commission and bars him from holding public office or being involved in any campaign for public office for a period of 10 years.
Iowa Michael Allen Lattimer M Michael Lattimer was charged with 3rd Degree Election Misconduct 39A.2. Pleaded guilty. Time served
Tennessee Brenda Woods (former city council member and candidate for mayor) F 2009 Municipal Voter intimidation/coercion Illegal assistance Witnesses at trial were granted immunity and testified that Woods took them to the polls at separate times to vote for her even though she knew they were felons. Convicted in 2010, but was granted a new trial and again convicted in 2014. Two years of community corrections. Prohibited from voting or running for political office.
New Jersey Ronald Harris Marty Small Ernest Storr Tracy Pijuan Luquay Zahir Floyd Tally David Callaway Toni Dixon Dameka Cross Mark Crumble Michele Griffin Ramona Stephens Demaris Jones M 2009 Municipal - Democratic primary D 2009-09 Absentee/Mail 9 Ronald Harris pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit absentee ballot fraud, connected with race involving City Councilman Marty Small. Testimony indicated ballots were opened, and those ballots cast against Small were destroyed. Harris was charged with 1 count of Conspiracy, 4 counts of Election Fraud, 1 count of Absentee Ballot Fraud, 1 count of Tampering With Public Records 1 count of Falsifying Records and 1 count of Forgery. Pleaded guilty to 1 count and all other charges were dropped. Under the plea agreement, sentenced to 181 days in the Atlantic County Justice Facility and 3 years of probation. Could face 3 to 5 years in state prison if he does not comply with the terms.
Ohio Roderice Cortez Lacy Deborah Ramirez Joseph Copija 2008 Petition Fraud 3 Roderice Cortez Lacy worked for a signature-gathering firm and faked signatures trying to get a measure on the ballot. Lacy was not from Ohio and therefore legally could not collect signatures. Charged with 3 counts of complicity to election falsification. Warrant was withdrawn
Hawaii Debra Kawaoka (former aide to State Sen. Clifford Uwaine) Ross Segawa Clifford Uwainewas Brian Minaai F 1982 Democratic primary D 1983-02 Registration fraud - ineligible district 1 Debra Kawaoka, an aide to State Sen. Clifford Uwaine, was convicted of conspiring to illegally register voters in the 1982 Democrat primary. Prosecutors found that 27 participated in a scheme to illegally register Honolulu voters in order to boost Democrat candidate Ross Segawa, a student in the University law school, into the District 19 state House seat that encompassed Manoa, where the university’s main campus is located. The students, including some working in the Legislature or attending the university’s law school, were caught when Segawa’s opponent noticed that some of Segawa’s youthful supporters claimed they lived at the Arcadia Retirement Residence on their voter registration forms. They recruited people from outside the 19th district – a total of 32 known names – and used false addresses to register them on the 19th district rolls. Weekends in prison for 1 year


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