True the Vote Election Crimes Database

A nationwide compilation of election crimes prosecutions

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State Defendant Co-Defendants Sexsort descending Date Election D/R Charged Convicted Type1 Type2 Type3 # Charges # Fraudulent Votes / Election Margin Description Sentence Source1 Source2 Source3 Source4 Source5 Follow Up
California Unknown impersonator used identity of Clarence Oliveria (deceased 2005) 2012-06 Absentee/Mail Impersonation 0 1 Someone used the identity of Clarence Oliveria to vote by mail in 2012, even though Oliveria died in 2005. None - no way to identify the impersonator
Kentucky Clark County - Name Unknown 2010 Registration Fraud An unnamed individual was charged with wrongful registration. Subjected to administrative procedure.
New Jersey Election contest: Mohammed Akhtaruzzaman v. Shahin Khalique 2016-05 Paterson municipal 2016-05 Election contest Absentee/Mail Ineligible district voting 7 Mohammed Akhtaruzzaman sued for a recount of the May 2016 Paterson council 2nd Ward election, which challenger Shahin Khalique won by just 19 votes, 1,400 to 1,381. Khalique had 1,009 mail-in votes while Akhtaruzzaman had 523. The number of mail ballots issued in the 2nd Ward almost doubled the total for the rest of the five wards combined. The recount increased Khalique's lead by one vote, to 20. Passaic County Superintendent of Elections Sherine El-Abd investigated allegations of mail-in voter fraud in the election and at the recount told the County Board of Elections her investigation uncovered seven confirmed incidents of mail-in voters who cast ballots but were not eligible to vote in the 2nd Ward. She said a minimum of 60 ballots were under question. Akhtaruzzaman’s campaign flagged 65 mail ballots as invalid. Allegations that voters received gifts for filling ballots were also referred to prosecutors. <see Source 5 for update>
Virginia Rankin Mosley 2011-11 Registration Fraud Ineligible Voting 2 Rankin Mosley charged with false statement on voter form and wrongfully voting. Guilty. (Mecklenburg County)
Kansas Johnson County - Names Unknown 2008 Registration Fraud Registration applications were received with Kansas addresses and Missouri zip codes. No actions taken. (20 cases)
Texas Paulito Nilo 2008 Municipal Ineligible felon voting 1 1 Paulito Nilo pleaded* guilty toone count of illegal voting for voting while an ineligible felon (TEC 64.012) in the 2008 municipal election. Nile was also alleged to have unlawfully accepted and rejected voters. *Plea deal: 1 day in jail, 5 years in prison probated to 5 years community supervision, $500 fine Hidalgo: CR-2622-09-F
Georgia Election contest: Jack Stone v. Bayne Cole 2015-11 Hazlehurst mayoral 2015-11 Election contest Vote buying/selling Ineligible district voting 2 A judge threw out Hazlehurst’s November 2015 mayoral election results due to voter fraud. Incumbent Mayor Jack Cole lost re-election by two votes to Bayne Stone and contested the election. Cole accused Stone and his supporters of paying voters to go to the polls and helping non-residents cast ballots. The judge's order said he believed the allegations of vote buying and other irregularities, including testimony from two voters who said Stone's son paid them off the street to go cast ballots. A new election was ordered. New election ordered
Texas Deliah Munoz Deliah Munoz was mailed a letter. No new violations were reported. Statue of limitations expired.
Kansas Shawnee County - Name Unknown 2005 Multiple Voting 1 A person was accused of voting in both the city and the county on a consolidation question. Investigated but not prosecuted.
Texas Election contest: Frankie de los Rios v. Efren “Coach” Ceniceros 2014-11 Donna ISD school board 2015-01 Election contest Illegal assistance Absentee/mail Frankie de los Rios contested the November 2014 Donna Independent School District election, alleging that non-residents illegally voted in the election, campaign workers illegally assisted voters in the voting booth and with mail ballots who didn't ask for or need any help, and ineligible felons were allowed to vote. De los Rios lost the race for place 7 on the DISD board to incumbent Efren “Coach” Ceniceros by just 15 votes. De Los Rios’ attorney alleged that at least 12 people who voted in the election do not reside in the district and that as many as 127 others illegally received assistance at the polls.


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