True the Vote Election Crimes Database

A nationwide compilation of election crimes prosecutions

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State Defendant Co-Defendants Sex Date Election D/R Charged Convicted Type1 Type2 Type3 # Charges # Fraudulent Votes / Election Margin Description Sentence Source1 Source2 Source3 Source4sort ascending Source5 Follow Up
New York Angela Gumbarevic (former candidate for sheriff) Heidi Bessette F 2010 Democratic Primary for Sheriff D 2011 Petition Fraud Angela Gumbarevic, a candidate for the 2010 Oneida County sheriff position, was accused of submitting false signatures in an attempt to have her name on the ballot. Eighteen forged signatures were discovered, and without those, Gumbarevic would have not been on the ballot for the primary. She did not win the race. She was charged with 2 felonies of Second-Degree Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument and First-Degree Offering a False Instrument for Filing. Pleaded guilty to Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument in the Second Degree, which is a Class D Felony. 5 years of probation and 150 hours of community service
New Jersey Ernest Storr Marty Small Tracy Pijuan Luquay Zahir Floyd Tally David Callaway Toni Dixon Dameka Cross Mark Crumble Michele Griffin Ramona Stephens Demaris Jones Ronald Harris M 2008 2009 Special Mayoral Municipal - Democratic primary R 2009-09 Absentee Ballot Fraud 10 Storr was one of 14 allegedly working alongside Atlantic City Councilman Marty Small to commit absentee ballot fraud. Accused of absentee ballot fraud in connection with 2008 and 2009 mayoral races. Charged with 1 count conspiracy, 4 counts election fraud, 1 count absentee ballot fraud, 1 count tampering with public records or information, 1 count falsifying records, 1 count forgery, and 1 count hindering apprehension or prosecution in connection with Small's 2009 campaign; 1 count in connection with a 2008 mayoral campaign. As part of a plea agreement, he pleaded guilty to 1 count related to the 2008 election and 1 count related to the 2009 election. Probation
Kentucky Stephen Ray Thomason M 2009-02 Registration fraud - ineligible felon Thomason, a convicted felon, was allegedly wrongfully registered to vote from January, 1973 to January, 2009. Thomason reportedly was a convicted murderer, and surviving members of the victim's family brought his voter registration to the attention of the State Board of Elections in 2008. Charged with wrongful registration. Pleaded guilty. One-year sentence with a pre-trial diversion of 5 years.
Kansas James D. Scherzer M 2000-08 2000-11 2002-08 2002-11 Primary General Primary General 2004-10 Multiple voting Ineligible district voting 2 4 James Scherzer was convicted of double voting in both Kansas and Missouri in four elections, two in 2000 and two in 2002, and providing false residency information to election officials. Scherzer registered to vote using different residence addresses in both states and signed forms at the polling places swearing he lived at those addresses. 2 years probation, 40 hours community service
Illinois Patricia Bailey F D 2004-09 Registration fraud 3 Illinois State Representative Patricia Bailey was found guilty of filing false election forms claiming her residency in the 6th District, when she was actually living with her mother outside of the district. Bailey was charged with two counts of perjury and one count of falsifying election documents. 2 years probation, 100 hours community service
Illinois James Haywood, Jr. M 2013-04 Municipal D 2013-04 Absentee/Mail 1 1 James Haywood Jr. of Cahokia was charged with one count of violation of absentee ballots in St. Clair County. Dismissed
New Mexico Silvia Gomez Silvia Gomez Angelica Marquez Priscilla Morales Jesus Dario Hernandez F 2012-03 Sunland Park municipal 2012-04 Ineligible district voting (+registration) 12 Former Sunland Park city councilor Silvia Gomez pleaded* guilty to three counts of false voting in the courtroom of 3rd Judicial District Judge Fernando Macias. Gomez had been charged with a dozen felony counts for inducing non-residents to vote in the March 2012 Sunland Park elections. 13 people listed Gomez's address as their own when they registered to vote in the city between Jan. 5 and Feb. 7, 2012. Six of them voted early in person or by absentee ballot. Police documents said Gomez registered a Texas couple using her Sunland Park address and asked them to vote for mayoral candidate Daniel Salinas. In exchange for her plea, the district attorney's office dismissed remaining charges, prosecutor Jose Arguello said. Gomez's sentence: three years probation, plus $4,500 in fines and an order forbidding her from registering voters in the future. Macias suspended what amounted to a three-year prison sentence. Gomez is at least the fifth defendant —from the more than 20 allegedly involved with widespread Sunland Park voter corruption — to reach resolution. Most have entered plea agreements. *Plea deal: 3 years in prison (suspended), 3 years probation, plus $4,500 in fines and an order forbidding her from registering voters in the future, for 3 counts of false voting
Connecticut Christina Ayala (former state representative) F Multiple D 2014-09 Ineligible district voting Registration fraud - ineligible district 19 8 Connecticut State Rep. Christina Ayala pleaded* guilty to two criminal counts and two counts of providing a false statement after being charged with 19 counts of voter fraud: 8 counts of fraudulent voting, 10 counts of primary or enrollment violations, and 1 count of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. Ayala was accused of voting in local and state elections in districts where she did not live and providing fabricated evidence to state Election Enforcement Commission investigators that showed she lived at an address in a district where she voted while actually living outside the district. Ayala represented the 128th District, elected in 2012 to replace her cousin, Andres Ayala, who was elected to the state Senate. Ayala's mother, Santa Ayala, served as Democratic Registrar of Voters. *Plea deal: 1 year in prison (suspended), barred from running for office for 2 years
Florida Montollis Roberson "Madison 9" F 2010 Madison school board 2011-11 Absentee/Mail 2 1 Montollis Roberson, one of the "Madison 9," was charged with felony fraud in connection with casting a ballot, as part of a scheme to illegally request, distribute, and collect absentee ballots in the 2010 Madison school board election. In 2013 a judge dismissed the charges against Roberson, ruling that the regulations were discretionary rather than mandatory and that there had been no intent to cast a fraudulent ballot. Dismissed
Florida Abra "Tina" Hill Johnson (school board member) "Madison 9" F 2010 Madison school board 2011-11 Absentee/Mail Impersonation 12 10 Abra “Tina” Hill Johnson, a candidate in the 2010 Madison school board election, was charged with 10 counts of felony fraud in connection with casting a vote, and two counts of absentee ballots and voting violations. Johnson's husband and seven others - the "Madison 9" - were also charged in the scheme, which involved asking voters to sign Absentee Ballot Request Forms and, without the voters’ knowledge or consent, writing an alternate address on the forms, causing the ballots to be mailed to a third party rather than directly to the voters. In 2010, Florida law required ballots to be sent to a voter’s registered address unless the voter was absent from the county, hospitalized, or temporarily unable to occupy their residence. The Johnsons retrieved the ballots, took them to the voters and waited for them to vote, and then returned the ballots to the Supervisor of Elections. In some instances, the voters were only presented with the absentee ballot signature envelope to sign and never received the actual ballot to cast their vote. Johnson won the election by 28 votes. She and her campaign volunteers were charged with obtaining about 45 absentee ballots without proper authorization.


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