True the Vote Election Crimes Database

A nationwide compilation of election crimes prosecutions

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State Defendant Co-Defendants Sex Date Election D/R Charged Convicted Type1 Type2 Type3 # Charges # Fraudulent Votes / Election Margin Description Sentence Source1 Source2sort descending Source3 Source4 Source5 Follow Up
Ohio Brenda Cornwell F 2007-08 Petition Fraud 9 Brenda Cornwell was charged with 6 counts prohibitions relating to petitions or declarations, 1 count election falsification, 2 counts forgery. Pleaded guilty to 1 count prohibitions relating to petitions or declarations, 1 count election falsification, 1 count forgery. Other counts dismissed. 3 years of probation and a $50 fine.
Kentucky J.C. Lawson M Vote buying J.C. Lawson, a convicted marijuana and cocaine dealer, explained the process of buying votes. He testified that he helped win elections by giving candidates "voters and people and money." "Where did that money come from?" U.S. Assistant Attorney Stephen C. Smith asked. "From drug dealing I made," Lawson testified. He said he gave the sheriff about $20,000 for his race, in exchange for protection. In court, Smith described how Clay County public officials were "working to protect drug dealers" and that "voters were lined up in lines who had been bought and bribed by the group."
Washington Patricia Michael F 1 Records received from Snohomish County Washington did not indicate the specific accusation. From a list of almost 200 voter fraud cases that occurred since June 2007, only one person was charged. According to the prosecutor's office, the remainder of the cases were not prosecuted and no records were kept on the type of specific charge for the unprosecuted cases.
New Mexico Nelson Owens (friend of accused former city councilor Angelica Marquez) Angelica Marquez Matthew Valenzuela M 2012-03 2012 Registration Fraud Ineligible District Voting 1 Nelson Owens, a family friend of accused former city councilor Angelica Marquez was accused of fraudulently registering to vote in Sunland Park, New Mexico despite living in Santa Teresa. Charged with false voting, conspiracy to commit false voting, and registration offenses.
Georgia ADDED SOURCE Joyce Humphrey F Petition Fraud Joyce Humphrey was accused of not signing as affidavit of petition circulator in presence of notary; Notaries did not notarize in presence of affiants. Letter of instruction. Letter of instruction
Texas Delores McMillian F 2010-03 Primary In person Impersonation 1 1 Delores McMillian pleaded* guilty to one count of attempted voter impersonation (TEC 64.012) in the 2010 primary election. In addition to illegal voting, she was also alleged to have obstructed a poll watcher, provided illegal assistance, failed to witness and provided false information on mail ballot applications, unlawfully witnessed more than one ballot aplication, and illegally possessed mail ballots. *Plea deal: 1 year probation, $227 court costs Dallas/Rockwall: 11082011CCL-A
Connecticut Giovanni Giacobbe M Absentee/Mail Giacobbe was accused of voting an absentee ballot when he could have voted in person. $200 fine and ordered to comply with the law in the future
Colorado Marquita Illona Duncan F Voter Impersonation 1 1 Marquita Illona Duncan was charged with impersonating elector. Pleaded to impersonating an elector and received $195.50 in fines and court fees. Pleaded to impersonating an elector and received $195.50 in fines and court fees.
Oregon Chris Frison M 2003-11 Petition Fraud 2 Chris Frison submitted forged signatures on two separate petitions. Plead guilty to 2 counts of making false statements under election laws, a Class C felony. 11 months in jail, 2 years post-prison supervision for count 1; 3 years probation for count 2. Also drug treatment.
Connecticut Sarah Kopman-Fried F 2008-11 General Absentee/Mail An investigation by the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission determined that Kopman-Fried did not provide information about herself as required by law, including her signature, when she completed and signed an absentee ballot application on behalf of another person. Additionally, Kopman-Fried signed the application on behalf of her friend, in violation of the law. Civil penalty of $200 and ordered to comply with the law in the future.


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