True the Vote Election Crimes Database

A nationwide compilation of election crimes prosecutions

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State Defendant Co-Defendants Sex Date Election D/R Charged Convicted Type1 Type2 Type3 # Charges # Fraudulent Votes / Election Margin Description Sentence Source1 Source2sort descending Source3 Source4 Source5 Follow Up
Connecticut Joseph Guzek M Absentee/Mail Guzek, a city employee, voted an absentee ballot when he could have voted in person. $200 fine and odered to comply with the law in the future
Virginia Jesse Terry 2010-11 Ineligible Voting Jesse Terry was charged with wrongfully voting (Mecklenburg County)
New Jersey Steve Fulop campaign 2013-05 Jersey City municipal Absentee/mail Ballot tampering The re-election campaign of Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy accused rival City Councilman Steve Fulop’s campaign of sending out mail-in ballot applications that use a Fulop P.O. box, not the Hudson County clerk, as a return address. “Fulop is attempting to trick people into sending their ballots to the wrong place in order to suppress the vote in Ward F a ward Fulop knows he will lose,” says Jermaine Robinson, Healy’s Ward F council hopeful. New Jersey’s administrative code reads that the return address on mail-in ballot applications “shall not be altered or changed by any person or entity.” Fulop’s campaign insists it has the legal right to send out the applications with its address on it. A state Division of Elections spokesman referred comment to Hudson County Clerk Barbara Netchert. The state Election Law Enforcement Commission declined to comment. Netchert responded with a statement that she issued on Friday urging voters to use the county’s official application for mail-in ballots.
Alaska Deborah Carroll (campaign official) F 2012 2012-04 Petition Fraud Forgery 5 Carroll was charged with submitting fraudulent signatures for a petition. She admitted to using names she found in a phone book. The charges included 1 count forgery, 1 count falsifying business records, 1 count unsworn falsification, 1 count perjury, and 1 count improper subscription to petition. Pleaded guilty to 1 felony charge in exchange for other 4 charges being dismissed. Fairbanks District Court (Case #: 4FA-12-700 CR) Probation and $2,500 fine
Tennessee Shirley Ward (president of the Tennessee Federation of Republican Women) F 2006-03 Tipton County Commission R 2006-08 Ineligible district voting 1 Shirley Ward, the president of the Tennessee Federation of Republican Women, was arrested on charges of voter fraud. She reportedly turned herself in and was accused of knowingly voting in the wrong district of the county during early voting.
Colorado Henry Ruhl, Jr. M Multiple voting 1 1 Henry Ruhl, Jr. was found guilty of one count of voting twice. Deferred sentence: 2 years probation, $400 fine
New Mexico Unknown impersonator F 2004 Impersonation 1 In 2004 Rose-Mary McGee presented to vote at Heights Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Albuquerque. Upon reaching the check-in table, polling officials informed Rose-Mary she had already voted. She insisted that she had not and produced identification (neither required nor accepted in NM). The polling official showed Rose-Mary where her signature had already been placed in the pollbook. Not only did the signatures fail to match, but her name was misspelled. After continuing to protest (and providing multiple ID’s with hyphenated signatures) Rose-Mary was able to vote provisionally, but her ballot ultimately was not counted.
West Virginia Jackie Adkins M 2004 Democratic Primary Vote Buying Jackie Adkins was reportedly involved in a scandal during the 2004 Democratic party primary to bribe county voters.
Kentucky Christian County - Name Unknown 2008 Registration Fraud An unnamed individual was charged with wrongful registration. Dismissed. Dismissed
Georgia Michelle Bruce (City Councilmember) F 2007-09 Petition Fraud Riverdale City Councilmember Bruce was reportedly accused of forging signatures on recall petitions, along with her mother. No jurisdiction, case sent to solicitor's office. (State Elections Board Case #2006-00391072574, City of Riverdale)


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