True the Vote Election Crimes Database

A nationwide compilation of election crimes prosecutions

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State Defendant Co-Defendants Sex Date Election D/R Charged Convicted Type1 Type2 Type3sort descending # Charges # Fraudulent Votes / Election Margin Description Sentence Source1 Source2 Source3 Source4 Source5 Follow Up
Missouri Nonaresa Montgomery F 2001 Mayoral Primary D Registration Fraud Nonaresa Montgomery, the head of Operation Big Vote, was found guilty of perjury in a trial in St. Louis Circuit Court. The matter involved the submission of thousands of fraudulent voter registration cards before a 2001 mayoral primary. Instead of allowing a jury to recommend a sentence, a plea deal was made between the attorneys. 2 years of probation, 80 hours community service and banned from organized political activity and voter registration efforts
Arkansas Larry Gray (former city sanitation director) M 2002-05 Democratic primary D 2002 Absentee/Mail Forgery 25 Larry Gray pleaded* guilty in federal court to illegally casting more than 25 absentee ballots in other people’s names during the 2002 primary, but the sum total of his election fraud may have been much higher. The former sanitation director for the city applied for hundreds of ballots, successfully submitting 98 in the Democratic primary, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. *Plea deal: 2 years probation, including 2 months home detention with electronic monitoring, $100 fine
Alabama Gay Nell Tinker (aka Gay Nell Singleton) F 2004-11 2005-05 Democratic primaries D 2008-03 Absentee/Mail Forgery 13 5 Gay Nell Tinker [Singleton], a former circuit clerk for Hale County, pleaded* guilty to five misdemeanor counts of absentee ballot fraud, after her scheme to orchestrate fraudulent absentee ballots for the benefit of multiple candidates during November 2004 and May 2005 Democratic primaries was uncovered. She admitted to falsifying the ballots of five voters to benefit certain candidates, including her brother, Circuit Court Judge Marvin Wiggins, and her husband, Senator Bobby Singleton (D-Greensboro). As part of her plea deal, prosecutors dropped 13 felony voter fraud charges. *Plea deal: Barred from serving as Hale County's absentee ballot manager for at least six years
Mississippi James Bullock M 2007 Democratic primary, Runoff Vote Buying 5 James Bullock was charged with 5 counts of voter fraud in a vote buying scheme. Pleaded guilty. (Case #BK2008-008, Circuit Court, Benton County) 5 years, with first year under house arrest and 4 years post-release supervision. Pay $2,322.50.
Texas Rolando Medrano Frank Medrano III Racquel Medrano Ricardo Medrano Sr. Sylvia Medrano Robert Edward Medrano Carlos Medrano M 2010-03 Democratic primary D 2011-09 Perjury 6 Rolando Medrano pleaded* guilty to two counts of aggravated perjury after being charged with six counts of perjury related to a voter fraud scheme in the 2010 Democratic primary involving six members of the Medrano family, one of Dallas County’s most influential Democratic families, and another associate, who were all indicted in the case. Carlos Medrano was found guilty of illegal voting. *Plea deal: 45 days in jail, 4 years community supervision, $5000 fine, $219 court costs Dallas/Rockwall: 2-11-416
New Mexico Jesus Dario Hernandez Silvia Gomez Angelica Marquez Priscilla Morales 2012-03 Sunland Park municipal
Pennsylvania Eugene Gallagher M 2013-11 Absentee/mail Forgery 2 6 Eugene Gallagher pleaded guilty to voter fraud for persuading Taylor residents and nonresidents to register for absentee ballots in the November 2013 borough council election using a Taylor address. Gallagher also had the six victims listed in a criminal complaint sign the ballot’s envelopes, but never gave them an opportunity to fill them out for themselves. Gallagher resigned his council seat and pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors, including forgery, and a separate DUI charge, which was included in his sentence. Lackawanna County Judge Michael Barrasse sentenced Gallagher to a maximum of 10 months in county jail and two months of house arrest, and Gallagher can never again hold public office, *Plea deal: Up to 10 months in county jail, 2 months house arrest, 200 hours community service, barred from holding public office.
Wisconsin Adam Mucklin (CVP employee) M 2010 Registration fraud 2 0 Adam Mucklin pleaded guilty to Providing False Information to Election Official (Felony Class I) and Intentional Violation of Election Duty (Felony Class I). Mucklin illegally registered himself to vote, and also registered others as a special registration deputy working for CVP, while he was a convicted felon on active supervision. Both charges were amended to attempted offenses, making each misdemeanors (attempt to commit a Class I felony). Mucklin was sentenced to 4 months incarceration for count 1, and 7 months incarceration imposed and stayed with 1 year probation for count 2. *Plea deal: 4 months in jail, plus 7 months in jail imposed and stayed with 1 year probation
Connecticut Jean Winkler (registrar of voters) F R Jean Winkler, a Republican Registrar of Voters and registrar at a voting district, was accused of violating procedures for dealing with a person who wasn't on official voter registry lists. $350 fine and ordered to comply with the law in the future
Georgia ADDED SOURCE Norma McCloud F OTHER Norma McCloud was accused of permiting sister-in-law of candidate to work as poll worker. Dismissed


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