True the Vote Election Crimes Database

A nationwide compilation of election crimes prosecutions

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State Defendant Co-Defendants Sexsort descending Date Election D/R Charged Convicted Type1 Type2 Type3 # Charges # Fraudulent Votes / Election Margin Description Sentence Source1 Source2 Source3 Source4 Source5 Follow Up
Georgia Pat Winslett Winslett was accused of voting by an unqualified elector. $200 fine, cease and desist order and a public reprimand
Washington Emnet Asalefew 1 Records received from Snohomish County Washington did not indicate the specific accusation. From a list of almost 200 voter fraud cases that occurred since June 2007, only one person was charged. According to the prosecutor's office, the remainder of the cases were not prosecuted and no records were kept on the type of specific charge for the unprosecuted cases.
Georgia ADDED SOURCE Iaren Smith Petition Fraud Iaren Smith was accused of not signing as affidavit of petition circulator in presence of notary; Notaries did not notarize in presence of affiants. Case closed.
Kentucky Grant County - Name Unknown 2010 Registration Fraud An unnamed individual was charged with wrongful registration. Charge was handled through diversion.
New Mexico "Buddy the Dog" 2012 Registration fraud 0 A New Mexico man has registered his 3-year-old black Labrador, Buddy, to vote. "I made up a birth date [for Buddy], and I made up a social security number . . . and I had a voter registration card in my hand for Buddy two weeks later." The man, a registered Republican, said he wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to commit voter fraud: "Somebody should have verified this information" and taken a look at exactly who (or what) was registering. . . The Clerk's Office said the state doesn't require counties to verify social security numbers, dates of birth, or even names”
Wisconsin Ineligible minor voting 2016-04 Primary 2016-04 In person Ineligible minor voting 6 The Brown County clerk's office says at least six 17-year-olds registered and cast a ballot in the April 2016 primary election. De Pere reported that a 17-year-old certified he was old enough to vote. The clerk's office also learned of five other teens who voted around the area. The county clerk says poll workers did not look at the age on the IDs of some of the students. In one case, a teen used his report card as identification.
California Name Not Disclosed OTHER An individual in Santa Cruz County (name not disclosed) was charged under the California Election Code/California Penal Code. The charges pertained to filing a false nomination or declaration of candidacy; fraudulently voting in an election in which one is not entitled; knowingly procuring or offering false or forged instrument to be filed, registered, or recorded in any public office, which instrument, if genuine, might be filed, registered, or recorded under any law. Pleaded guilty to filing a false nomination or declaration of candidacy.
Oklahoma Unknown impersonator 2012-11 General In person Impersonation 0 1 Jay Kelly went to the polls on Election Day, November 2012, in Oklahma City, only to find someone else had already cast a ballot in his name under his address. When Kelly showed his ID to a poll worker, she said he'd already voted. Kelly told her that that he hadn't, voted showed her his signature on his ID, and took a picture of the voter log where someone else had signed his name. The poll worker suggested that Kelly sign and vote as someone else in that person's place instead, but said he was really uncomfortable with that and didn't want to go to jail. A supervisor told Kelly he could cast a provisional ballot, but he said that wasn't an option. He was eventually allowed to cast a regular ballot, which was counted - as was the other ballot cast earlier in his name The state election board secretary said the matter would be reported to the district attorney's office. Voter fraud in Oklahoma is a felony. None - no way to identify the impersonator
Connecticut Bill Finch campaign (candidate for Bridgeport mayor)  2015-09 Democratic primary D Absentee/Mail Impersonation Illegal assistance Democrat Joe Ganim, a former Bridgeport mayor who spent nearly a decade in federal prison for corruption but ran for the office again in 2015, accused incumbent Mayor and fellow Democrat Bill Finch with absentee ballot fraud. Ganim claimed individuals identified from the Finch campaign actually handled absentee ballots from seniors or people that were disabled, filled them out and mailed them in. The Secretary of the State’s office confirmed that they had intervened in Bridgeport over the supervision of the large number of absentee ballots requested, estimated at several thousand.
Virginia Lisa Charlotte White 2007 2008 2013-04 Registration fraud - ineligible felon 1 0 In April 2013, a grand jury indicted Lisa Charlotte White and five other convicted felons on charges of giving false statements when registering to vote. The registrations occurred in 2007 and 2008. The six were each indicted on a felony count of election fraud: Mark Winfield Atwater of Portsmouth; James Edward Dorsey of Portsmouth; Brenda Lee Harris of Virginia Beach; Tyrone Stith of Chesapeake; Lisa Charlotte White of Portsmouth; and Delphine Williams of Portsmouth. Nearly 20 cases were referred to the office of Commonwealth's Attorney, but the office is prosecuting only those that were clearly intending to deceive.


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