Is voting online possible?

In this day when the Internet seems to fill so much of our lives, one might think that voting over the Internet should not only be possible, but would also be a good idea.

There are actually very good reasons why you cannot vote for an elected official over the Internet (except with rare exceptions). Security and fraud are the biggest concerns.

Sadly, there is no way to prevent hacking and fraud with online voting. Imagine a hacker being able to get into an online voting system and flooding the ballot collection program with false votes. With today’s technology it would be hard to stop such a thing.

While voting systems in America do utilize computers and secure connections between the polls and the various offices with statewide election authority, there is currently no national Internet voting system. The risk of hacking and fraud is simply too great.

There may come a day when Internet voting can be secure and safe from hacking and fraud, but we are not there at this time.

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