If you are sure you cannot be near your local polling place on Election Day, you may qualify to vote absentee. Absentee voting is mostly conducted before Election Day by mail, though you might also be able to turn in your absentee ballot at your local government offices.

Reasons for voting absentee could be if you are away at college, if you are away for military service, if you are in a medical facility and unable to leave, or if you simply cannot be home on Election Day for other reasons.

In fact, depending on your state statutes, you may be able to vote absentee without any real reason at all — a practice sometimes called no-excuse absentee voting.

One thing is sure though, you must already be registered to vote before you attempt to vote absentee.

Please be sure and visit your local city hall, county government offices, or Office of the Secretary of State’s website as soon as possible to learn what the requirements are in your state.

More information can be found on both your county government’s website as well as your Secretary of State’s website.