Where can I find information on voting turnout?

So, you’ve registered to vote, you’ve found out how and where to vote, and you’ve done your civic duty on Election Day and cast that all-important ballot. The day after Election Day, you want to find out what the turnout was and which candidate or ballot measure won. How do you find voter turnout?

Often, on Election Day and the day after, the larger newspapers in your state will have special sections with the voter turnout statistics — both in print and on the Internet. Keeping an eye on the news coverage is certainly a good way to find out what is going on with the election results. Your local TV news might also have special programs on election night as the votes are tallied. For national elections, cable news will do the same.

Also, most county clerk offices will have a section on their website that has a mounting total as polling places report the final vote tally. Additionally, your Secretary of State will also have a section on its website with a running total of the statewide vote results.

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