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Hello Fellow Patriot,First, off topic, but wow.... Amazing things happened, are happening, and I suspect will continue to happen, to patriots at The Pit. There's been some 'not amazing' stuff, too.  Disagreements ... agitations ... Let's keep working to figure out how to work together.  We won't agree on everything.  It's ok.  Remember what Tej Gill said at The Pit ...  SEALS may not always like each other, but they will fight together.  We need to stick together, fight together, as often as we can.  Settle differences, but privately.  Just my .02. Our country is desperate for leadership and hope.  I'll send another email at week's end with all the great things that we can celebrate together.Also, if you're writing about The Pit or Tiger Project, please send the link our way.  We've already had some great ones.  I think Creative Destruction was first out of the gate with this on the Tiger Project.  Then  Sam Faddis at AND  wrapped it and added new stunning research, then KanekoaTheGreat blew it up in a totally different way.  All good. And there's so much more.  Here's a fun read about how China is prone to leaving it's MongoDB databases open.  And none of that is what this email is supposed to be about. This email was really supposed to be about one thing ... do you want to participate in the beta test of the new Ground app?  If so, please respond back to me ([email protected]) by EOD on Thursday,  August 18th.  We'll get you set up.Thank you for all you do.  Seen and unseen. It all matters.  Ever onward -