The 611 Project

A Non-Citizen Voting Primer

In 2021, under Executive Order 14019, the Biden Administration weaponized all agencies of the federal government to push voter registration in populations where eligibility statuses cannot be effectively tracked, like students, prisoners, and non-citizens. 

Then, they abandoned the borders. In just the last three years, over 10,000,000 illegal aliens have been added to the federal dole. 

And now, with a recent letter from Senate Democrats pleading with President Biden to grant citizenship, it is critical to address the possibility that another Executive Order could be coming before November, offering amnesty and citizenship to this carefully groomed voting bloc.

America doesn’t have the luxury of hedging their bets on whether or not the implosion of our borders will be exploited in the general election. The 611 Project is designed to empower advocates like you who are grappling with serious questions over non-citizen registrations with comprehensive research and practical action steps to defend the security and integrity of the electoral process in a time of increasing uncertainty.

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A Call to Action

What Can You Do About Non-Citizen Voting?

  1. Contact your Sec of State and other elected officials to demand your elections be protected from non-citizen voters. Citizenship verification must be conducted before November. Ask them to publish their process for verification - this should be in the public domain!
  2. Contact your Representatives in Congress. Ask them to issue a public statement confirming they will safeguard our elections by preparing to defend against an Executive Order or any other effort to grant immediate citizenship to a multimillion migrant voting bloc.
  3. Help review and report ineligible voter records with
  4. Leaving no polling place unmanned. Check your state info here about how to apply for election service with your county, state, or party.
  5. Spread the word! From Scan. Check. Protect., to Voto Honesto, and our toolkits, podcasts, and trainings, you can use all the resources on our website to help strengthen election integrity in your own backyard.

Where did the title "The 611 Project" originate?

As you will discover in the handbook, Title 18 of the US Code regarding Voting by Aliens, Section 611 Amendment C, is an immigration law that was passed 2000. It introduced, essentially, citizenship as a state of mind, kind of a big deal, as we’ll explain. Over the past 24 years, you probably haven’t heard too much about it. Our position is that all policy matters; and that it’s time to take a serious look at reforming our immigration and election laws. So, we decided to name the project after Section 611c, and give it the discussion it deserves in 2024.  

Beyond Section 611, this handbook is packed with valuable insights, analyses, and actionable strategies, this handbook is a must-have for anyone passionate about safeguarding the sanctity of our electoral process, and will serve as an essential resource for understanding the complexities of U.S. citizenship and elections, the categorization of non-citizens, and the pivotal issues surrounding non-citizen voting. 

As the nation grapples with evolving immigration patterns, increasingly partisan lines and more politicized electoral policies, True the Vote offers clarity and a call to action. 

Ever Onward.