About Us

True the Vote has been a leader in the effort to ensure free and fair elections in America. Our work focuses on empowering citizens to safeguard the electoral process and to protect their vote from fraud so their voice is not diminished as we determine the direction of our government and hold our politicians accountable.

A Letter from the Founder

Dear Friends,

Today, the integrity of our elections faces threats like never before. Every corner of our nation, from big cities to small towns, has been touched by claims of misconduct, leaving the public questioning the legitimacy of results and losing trust in the very bedrock of our republic.

As we head into 2024, is it more critical than ever that we reestablish that trust. True the Vote strives to ensure the security, accuracy, and transparency of every vote cast. 

In 2023, we drove the national conversation on ballot integrity. Our groundbreaking work continues to help ensure every American's vote is treated with the respect and integrity it deserves. We have not and will not capitulate on our promise to protect voters rights, we will continue to equip citizens to serve - no matter who or what challenges us. 

But we cannot do this alone. We work tirelessly to expand voter education and empower citizen-led initiatives. But your voice, your vigilance, and your action is needed. 

I invite you to stand with us. The work is far from done. With your continued support, we can build a future where every American can trust in the fairness and accuracy of our elections. 

Together, we can, we will, True the Vote.

Ever onward— 

Catherine Engelbrecht

Founder, True the Vote

Our Mission

To foster a resilient republic through election integrity across the nation; 

To safeguard the electoral process through renewed citizen engagement – promoting transparency, advocating for access, and ensuring every citizen's right to a free and fair vote. 

To rebuild the trust that has been lost in our electoral system, which is fundamental to empowering all citizens and securing the foundation of our republic.