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Our Election Integrity Toolkits offer comprehensive election integrity resources relevant to your area. Access training materials, reference documents, and curated multimedia content, including congressional hearings, lawsuits, interviews, and news reports specific to your state.

Election Integrity Toolkits



A helpful timeline and strategic plan on developing an election team.

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Team Building

A helpful overview on building motivated teams to monitor and support elections.

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Observer Checklist

Don't go to the polls without this! A handy checklist for any election observer.

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Election Team Deployment Plan

Train. Plan. Mobilize. Deploy!

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How an Idea Becomes a Law

An idea must make its way through many twists and turns of government before making it to the Governor's desk to be signed into law. 

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Conversations with Lawmakers

Get your message across effectively about issues that are important to you to your elected officials.

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Legislative Advocacy

What does an advocate do? How do you set legislative priorities? Can you really make a difference (yes!)? 

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TTV Election Observer Quick Reference Guide

A ‘build it yourself’ resource that can be taken into the poll location and used to quickly reference Election Day procedures and activities.

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An Important Message for Non Citizens

If you are a non-citizen and someone tells you you might be allowed to vote, they are not being honest with you. And they could be putting you and your family at risk. The consequences of being charged with and prosecuted for vote fraud can be severe and long-lasting for non-citizens.