You Can Do More Than Vote

Americans are questioning the trustworthiness of the system by which we cast and count our votes. How does this get better? Voters can take action by helping to improve the accuracy of our voter rolls. 

True the Vote is pleased to re-introduce our  web-based app that empowers voters with a way to confirm accuracy, identify ineligible records, report findings to local authorities, and stay up to date on the recent changes to your local voter rolls: IV3.

The Challenge

Millions of voter registrations currently on the voter rolls are invalid or significantly inaccurate. Adding to this, the Biden Administration’s Immigration Policies has effectively opened the Southern Border bringing an estimated 8 million noncitizens into the country.

Maintaining the integrity of our voter rolls has never been more difficult or more important.

How It Works

The Power of Voter Engagement

Almost every state in the country provides voters with a way to help improve the accuracy of their county voter rolls. How? By registered voters submitting potentially ineligible records for local review through a process often referred to as a voter challenge.

The IV3 Process

IV3 Graphic V3