Konnech Special Collection

This Special Collection is a complete and accurate account of how citizens worked together to expose Konnech, a company that provides elections systems software to many of the largest counties in our country; its incontrovertible creation of open-door systems that send massive amounts of confidential election data and information to China; and its leadership’s work with, and loyalty to, the Chinese Communist Party.

The Tiger Project: A Betrayal in Three Acts


Hosted in the desert of Arizona, The Pit was an assemblage of researchers and influencers who met for a daylong event that ended with the following presentation. In this heretofore unaired, unpublished video, Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht shared their first findings  - and asked for help.  

The Pit: Data and Documents

Download the complete set of documents and data we shared at the Pit on August 13, 2022.

Research and Articles

Out of this, an exemplary body of work began to emerge. Dozens of researcher/journalists set out to dissect the information they were given, then start their own digs. Key articles are featured below.


Is The FBI Covering For Chinese Attacks On Our Electoral System?


U.S. Company Works with Confucius Institute

How a U.S. election software company previously built Confucius Institute 'Communication Platform'


A Dive into a Voter Software Company

A deeper look at Konnech



What is it, and how did it come into play as part of the shocking disclosure that took place at "The Pit"?


What Does PollChief Have To Do With Me?

PollChief, Konnech, Okta, and backdoor vulnerabilities


The Real Strategy with PII and China

Why the DOJ is after Gregg Phillips

The Brain

The 8000+ source documents referenced in the video below are part of a research collective referred to as The Brain.  The Brain tracks and connects the Konnech timeline from inception to present day. Soon, The Brain will be public. Video tutorials are currently being created to help readers navigate through all that has been discovered.