Brace for Impact! Malice and Forethought in the 2020 Election | Red White & True News | Ep. 20


With the first presidential debate under our belt, Americans are growing more concerned about their vote getting counted in preparation for Election Day this year. As President Trump pointed out during the debate, universal mail in voting presents the opportunity for massive fraud in addition to the risk of massive disenfranchisement for all voters... but it is not just about mail in voting. This episode of the Red White & True News podcast exposes the engineered chaos being orchestrated around the entire election process - not just mail in voting - and highlights the actions Americans can take to help ensure a safe and secure election.

True the Vote is committed to defending Americans' voting rights no matter what and we are in for a wild ride this year. Leftist lawyers are lining up to bog down the election results in the courts with endless lawsuits. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is giving the House the heads up to be ready to elect the new president if an electoral majority is not reached. We must have our eyes on the entire process this year to protect our vote and our country.

Don't wait! Here's how YOU can help today:
1. Register. Check your voter registration. Make sure it's active and accurate.
2. Vote. Make a plan to vote in person, if you can.
3. Serve. Call your County and your Party and tell them you want to work in your local elections.
4. Report. If you've witnessed election fraud, share your story with us on our website.

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