Catherine Engelbrecht with Fox's Shannon Bream: Georgians are Patriots

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True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht appeared on Fox News on Monday to speak with anchor Shannon Bream about the Georgia special election, citizen challenges, and baseless accusations which Stacey Abrams has repeatedly made about efforts to ensure the integrity of the vote.

Bream lead with a clip of Abrams, highlighting one of several smears which have gone so far unchallenged by CNN's anchors, and then asked Engelbrecht about it.

"Stacey Abrams says, and the group she's aligned with has been suing you all as well, she says you're trying to disenfranchise, or essentially suppress somewhere in the neighborhood of 360,000 voters," said Bream. "What are you guys doing there in Georgia?"

"Stacey Abrams is anathema to free and fair elections," said Engelbrecht. "What True the Vote is doing in Georgia is helping to empower Georgia citizens across the state who want accuracy in tomorrow's election."

"The way that we achieve that, or help them to achieve that was to look at their rolls which had not been cleaned in years, and identify people who had moved either out of the county or out of the state," she continued. True the Vote "prepared all of that so they could file citizen challenges. It's a state law that provides a way for citizens to roll up their sleeves and get involved."

"That was just more than Stacey Abrams could take and she filed suit, and it's unfortunate but, you know, that's Fair Fight's modus operandi," said Engelbrecht. "That's why there are groups like True the Vote, to stand in that gap."


The two discussed the reactions against citizen challengers who have gotten involved in their state elections, including people "who have had their businesses doxxed, who have had direct threats leveled against them and their families." She pointed out that True the Vote has had to turn over information to authorities, adding "it's serious."

"Much of that is due to the animus that has been spun up" by Abrams and her groups, and the aggressively false claims that she has continued to make about True the Vote.

"Free and fair elections are worth standing up for," said the True the Vote founder in conclusion.

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