Debbie D’Souza Exposes Scary Parallel Tracks of Venezuela and USA | Red White & True News | Ep. 9


One of the most unnerving interviews you’ll ever hear between Catherine and Debbie D’Souza, democracy warrior and co-producer with her husband Dinesh D’Souza of the soon to be released movie “Trump Card.” The parallels between Venezuela under Hugo Chavez and the current fracture in the US is frightening. “Hope and change” campaign name? Check. Trigger racial unrest? Check. Take down historical statues? Check. Discuss changing the electoral process? Check. Change from a Republic to a Marxist country? Check. Listen to Debbie D’Souza tell the story of how even her family fell for the pitch and lost it all, including their country. Is the USA quickly becoming the VSA - the Venezuelan States of America right before our eyes? Let’s hope note. But pay attention to Debbie’s words: get involved, vote and maintain voting integrity.

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