How To Vote in 2020: State by State Guides | Red White & True News | Ep. 18


As November 3 gets closer, agitators are doing everything they can to change the rules and confuse voters on how to vote in this election. In this episode, True the Vote Founder and President Catherine Engelbrecht announces the release of True the Vote's state-by-state infographics as a resource for citizens to learn about their state's election processes, key dates, and requirements. Each state infographic lists important voter information, including when to vote, how to vote, and what to bring with you to the polls.

The temperature is definitely rising as both left and right start to make their moves on the campaign trail. The future of America is in the balance and most Americans understand this by now. If we stand together as a nation, there is nothing to fear and we will come out the other side a stronger and more unified nation regardless of the outcome.

Visit the interactive map on the True the Vote website to access each state's infographic:


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