Cygnal & the Noise: Interview With Polling Superstar Brent Buchanan | Red White & True News | Ep. 3


In a world where trust is a commodity on the decline, is it a surprise that even poll results are questionable? Well, as Brent Buchanan, the brilliant CEO & Founder of Cygnal and one of the trustworthy leaders in polling, reveals in this interview, it is critically important to obtain a true representative sample of the people if you want to obtain reliable data. Brent discusses the multiple channel polling strategy deployed by Cygnal to assure a quality and believable poll. In short, if you want bad results, just call landlines and cell phones! Or ask the wrong questions with intentional bias in mind before you even start the poll.

You'll also hear Brent discuss a key issue regarding mail-in voting: the problem isn't mail-in voting; the disaster ahead is the lack of preparation for the volume of mail-in votes that might be coming. Brent also shares a few surprises he's thought of for the November season!

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