State Team Announcement


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Thank you for signing up for last night's conference call!

Over 400 people participated in the 33 minute long conference  - and we covered a ton of ground!  One of the things we promised to send you was the sign up link for the State Teams...and here it is!

True the Vote State Team Sign Up Link

As the audit  gets underway, there will be all kinds of work to be done.  Are you a first time volunteer?  Great!  Get ready for an eye-opening experience.  Are you the leader of an election integrity group?  Great!! If you're interested in a leadership role in this project, please let us know and we'll get you set up.  Do you have a special skill you think would be well suited for this project (researcher, data miner, election administrator, attorney....the list goes on and on...)? Please let us know!  Our goal is simple - we want to help connect people and then get busy! Don't worry if several days go by before you hear anything from us on the State Groups - we will be in touch!Also, many of you have written to ask if we taped the call...well...the answer to that question should have been "yes, we did", we didn't.  Epic fail.  So, that's the bad news.  The good news is we are going to host another call next week and will definitely record it!   If you missed the call, here's a basic summary:  We have our sights set on 5 initiatives over the next four years - 1. Forensic Audit with Targeted InvestigationsConducting a scientifically structured forensic audit to document election fraud and process deficiencies in the 2016 Election. We hope to release this data by late spring. 2. American Voter ID Program Advocating for an American Voter ID program; one that supports the necessary balance between

national election security, 

state electoral sovereignty, and individual liberty.3. Enhanced Election TechnologiesHelping evaluate advancing electoral technologies and processes 4. Dynamic Voter Registration VerificationProposing standardized methodologies all states can use to securely resolve identity, residency, and citizenship for every new voter registration.5. Citizen Engagement  Empowering citizens  to address necessary changes in election processes and laws at both federal and state levels.

There's a lot of work to be done....but together, we can do it.  About that, we have no doubt.   Working together, we really can True the Vote.  Onward!The True the Vote Team