This Week at True the Vote | 03.06.24

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This Week at True the Vote

Introducing Voto Honesto 2.0

True the Vote is pleased to reintroduce "Voto Honesto" in the 2024 cycle. This is a groundbreaking election integrity program specifically tailored to engage and empower our vibrant Hispanic community and Spanish-speaking individuals across the United States. The program will be led by our newest member of the True the Vote team, Violet Sarria. Violet is a dual citizen, who was born in New York, raised in Nicaragua, studied international relations in America, and has traveled extensively across the states while working in the missions field. Voto Honesto aims to educate and inform about the intricacies of American elections to our Spanish speaking communities and to tackle head on the issue of illegal voting through migrant registration exploitation. Here’s one of Violet’s latest reel on Instagram ….

True the Vote is pleased to welcome Violet, and believes that she and Voto Honesto will play an important role in communicating the importance of protecting not only the sanctity of the electoral process, but also vulnerable individuals from predatory opportunists attempting to use migrants for political purposes.

There is much more to come from Voto Honesto and True the Vote. Watch Catherine’s recent interview with Violet on her Onward Locals podcast. 

In Case You Missed It…

The totalitarian media is really swinging hard this week with its latest piece of political hackery: Sunday, the New York Times led with this nonsense article Trump Allies Ramp Up Campaign Targeting Voter Rolls, which weaves a cynical conspiracy theory about how a variety of American election integrity efforts are actually sinister, “ultra-Maga” extremists bent on supporting accurate voter rolls. Cue eye roll on 3…2…1

It’s clear we’re winning. Even the New York Times knows it. So, expect the hits to keep coming hard, friends. We will be fighting to the end - and we hope you will be too! 

The Witch Hunt Begins in Pennsylvania 

News of the creation of an Election Integrity Task Force in Pennsylvania, spearheaded by Governor Shapiro, in collaboration with CISA, raises further concerns about potential censorship. The task force aims to “combat misinformation and conspiracy theories surrounding elections, drawing criticism for potential suppression of free speech.”

What that means is government is taking the gloves off: unchecked state censorship, particularly in the context of the upcoming election. The irony is that Republican lawmakers, who’ve failed to address election integrity in the first place, have now allowed big government to use the issue to create a direct threat to free speech - chilling dissent in Pennsylvania and beyond. We will keep close watch on this and bring you updates as available.

Kamala Announces New Navigators 

The Biden administration will now be using your tax dollars to pay college students to register voters. Cool. So, in a single executive order the Biden Administration just turned the Federal Government into their Get-Out-the Vote- Program. 

Vice President Kamala Harris announced this initiative as part of an effort to “increase voter turnout and engage young leaders in the electoral process.”  The problem is this constitutes an abuse of power and violates laws such as the Hatch Act and the Anti-Deficiency Act. But since when has the law stopped the Biden Administration?   

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