This Week @ True the Vote | 03.14.24 | IV3 Goes Open Source

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IV3 is Going Open Source

We have an exciting update to share about IV3!

First, a quick history … In 2021, we launched IV3 as a web-based application available for volunteers who were interested in verifying the accuracy of their local voter rolls by identifying ineligible records and reporting findings to local election authorities. In 2022, over 40,000 volunteers participated in the IV3 project, and hundreds of thousands of records were submitted through their efforts.

In 2023, we put the program on pause. We wanted to add features and enhance usability, but our biggest goal was to expand the reach of the toolset. So many new election integrity groups were starting up and looking for apps they could use independently, we knew we could help them move faster up the learning curve. So, we decided to open source everything.

Effective today, we are posting tranches of our code onto Open.Ink via GitHub, starting with with our normalization program and continuing on until the entire app code base has been posted.

Attn Developers: You can find the code and tech specs here.

What is normalization? For our purposes, normalization is the process of standardizing differently formatted state voter roll datasets. This allows for easier identification of patterns, trends, and relationships, all of which help support more accurate interpretations of the data. Over 700 programming hours went into developing this piece of the program, so for groups that are just starting out, this is a huge leap forward.

Crucially, we're offering everything completely free of charge. While we encourage users to contribute to the improvement of the codebase by reporting any bugs or enhancement recommendations, there are no barriers to access. Our hope is that this initiative will spark the development of numerous new applications, each contributing to the shared goal of cleaning up voter rolls across the country.

The urgency of this endeavor cannot be overstated. Our recent evaluations have revealed that over 25 million voter records in the United States could be ineligible - more than enough to compromise the integrity of the 2024 election, and the future of our nation. Addressing this issue is paramount to ensuring fair and transparent electoral processes. By decentralizing access to the tools necessary for verification, the pro-liberty community can take a significant step towards achieving this goal.

We invite all tech enthusiasts to explore the documentation and source code we are making available. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just beginning your journey, we believe you'll find value in what IV3 has to offer. Eligibility programs and the user interface are set to be released in the coming days and all the components will be at your disposal to launch your own version of IV3.

We remain committed to our mission of empowering citizens and are incredibly excited about the possibilities this initiative presents. Working together, we really can true the vote!

Hand Count the Ballots, Josh!

We second President of PA Patriot Coalition and former CIA Operations Officer Sam Faddis’ message to Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro. When only 20% of Americans trust the outcome of our elections, the Governor’s “Election Integrity” task force needs a new focus: hand count the ballots, Josh. Anything else is just another divisive political game.

About Tonight’s Webinar

Our Grassroots Webinar with True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht filled up in record time! But we will be announcing another session soon! Stay tuned!

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