True the Vote Requests Texas Secretary of State Investigate Anomalies Suggesting Illegal Voting in Texas Early Voting Reports

True the Vote Requests Texas Secretary of State Investigate Anomalies Suggesting Illegal Voting in Texas Early Voting Reports
Texas Data Shows Thousands of Duplicate Votes and Votes Without a Voter Registration Record

HOUSTON, Texas –  True the Vote today sent the following letter to the Office of Texas Secretary of State Ruth Hughs regarding anomalies in Texas early voting returns and has requested her investigation into the matter. In summary, data gathered from returns posted by Texas counties throughout the early voting period reveals numerous duplicate votes and votes without a voter registration record reported all over the state. The letter below details specific findings, which are available at  and will be updated daily.

Texas Secretary of State Ruth Hughs
1019 Brazos Avenue
Austin, Texas 78701

Request to Review Anomalies that Suggest Illegal Voting in Texas Early Voting Reports

Dear Secretary Hughs,

As early voting is underway in Texas, True the Vote has been closely analyzing the vote returns that are being daily reported by each Texas county in their individual capacities and to the Secretary of State.

As one of the nation’s largest election integrity and voters’ rights organizations, our mission is to closely observe our nation’s elections process to ensure that laws are followed as intended, that every American’s vote is counted, and that no American’s vote is diluted or delegitimized by votes cast illegally or counted erroneously.

The Texas elections are particularly important to True the Vote, which was founded and is headquartered in the Lone Star State, and supports a large network of engaged Texans who deeply care about the integrity and security of their home state elections.

We will be providing your office with the link to a searchable database that contains findings suggesting either erroneous reporting or illegal activity, either of which threatens to dilute the overall integrity of Texas elections. Below is a summary of discrepancies that True the Vote has identified for November 3, 2020 Early Election Voting, through October 27th.

  • Statewide, 5902 voters appear to have been recorded as voting more than one time.

  • Statewide, 27 voters appear to have been recorded as voting in more than one county.

  • Statewide, 9,955 voters appear to have voted without a voter registration record (VUIDs recorded as either “null” or “0.”

NOTE: Given that all reports are unofficial at this point in the election, for purposes of this analysis the use of the term “voting” should be defined as a recorded instance of either submitting a ballot by mail or signing a poll book, indicating a ballot cast in person.

Another area of concern is in total number of records reported. We are tracking totals based on reported totals and total number of records in raw data when downloaded for analysis.  The disparity in these numbers is very concerning.  The difference may be easily explainable by errors in upload or other internal oversight, but they should not be dismissed.


Cumulative Report for Harris County on  Secretary of State Early Voting webpage  
Early In Person Voters:       1,051,892
Mail Ballots Returned:            158,190
Total Early Voters:                1,210,082

Totals from raw CSV files taken from  Early Voting Turnout by Date | Statewide Report
Early In Person Voters:            848,435
Mail Ballots Returned:             124,790
Total Early Voters:                  973,225

Steps followed to extract CSV files:
1. Select Election: 2020 NOVEMBER 3RD GENERAL ELECTION and click Submit
2. Select Early Voting Turnout by Date, select the date and click Submit
3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Generate Statewide Report

Under separate cover, we will also be providing your office with our analysis of votes that appear to have been cast by voters who are either currently serving felony sentences or are on active probation, as determined by comparison of voting records to the DPH CCH database (as of September 2020) and TDJC Probation database (as of October 2020).  Our analysis of these records is in no way an accusal of a crime, as we understand the changing nature of the data, but wanted to bring our findings to your attention, nonetheless.

The immediate action of your office is critical in finding out the source behind these data discrepancies and giving Texans the confidence they deserve in their election system.

We are ready to assist your office in any capacity possible, including providing our entire database for your review, and are available to discuss these findings further at your earliest convenience.


Catherine Engelbrecht
Founder, True the Vote

Letter to Texas Secretary of StateDownload

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