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Hi ,This year, 2022, has been one of the most gratifying years in the history of True the Vote, and one of the most difficult.

It is difficult for us all as we begin to fully grasp the state of our elections and bear witness to the profound, and often tragic consequences, that it has on our Republic. Worse, knowing that much of it is deliberate — some at the hands of authorities we may have trusted in the past -- can overwhelm us.

At True the Vote we hold one ideal as our True North: We the People are more powerful than all of them.

Our elections have been corrupted by a thousand cuts and the path to righting these wrongs will be by a thousand measures rather than a singular victory that fixes everything. But when we show up, stand up, and speak out to expose the exploitation of election process, our actions will drive change.

As we approach the end of this tumultuous year and prepare for the storm that lies ahead in 2023 and 2024, we wanted you to see what True the Vote is all about. We are so much more than exposing dropbox Mules and Chinese data breaches.

In 2022, we launched initiatives that address major systemic failures in our elections: dirty voter rolls, and the lack of enforcement of existing election laws. All of our work is intended to engage and grow the community of citizens and law enforcement who want to be part of the solution. In 2023 we will expand these programs and add new projects to the vast scope of our work.

We will never stop investigating those entities, both foreign and domestic, who attempt to subvert our election laws. We will follow the evidence wherever it leads and will continue to fearlessly expose wrongdoing, regardless of the high price of truth.

As you read through the pages of our year-end report, we hope you will gain a better understanding of who we are and what we do. Our purpose is really very simple — to remind voters that they are the safeguards of our representative democracy. Together, we can ensure that out voting processes truly does reflect the will of the People. Together, we really can true the vote.

Download our 2022 Year End Report

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