080420 Nevada update

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Those who think these are temporary changes are sorely mistaken.


Have you seen what happened in Nevada this week!? The Nevada Assembly passed AB 4 – a bill that codified a statewide mass mail-in election - and opened the door to widespread election fraud.   I'm deeply concerned about the precedent this sets for PERMANENT MASS VOTE BY MAIL. Every time a precedent is set in one state it threatens every state.  This is what I warned about in April when True the Vote filed suit against the Secretary of State n the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada, arguing that the mail-in-balloting plan removed safeguards against fraudulent votes and violated citizens’ constitutional rights. We sued before the election changes had been codified by the legislature...now those changes are law.  At the time, we were scoffed at by many who said it was unnecessary because ... surely ... the changes were only intended to impact the primary.  So, we were alone on the battlefield. Fast forward a few months and now our worst fears have been confirmed. The Nevada legislature has implemented mass vote by mail for the general election. And make no mistake this will NOT stop with Nevada.   There are currently over seventy lawsuits and bureaucratic fiats being pushed by a radicalized Leftist agenda, all aimed at PERMANENTLY changing election laws across the country.   Engineered chaos will destroy the integrity of our elections. We must fight back NOW before it is too late!  Mass mail voting exploits error-riddled voter registries, sending official ballots to a roster of inaccurate names and addresses. There are NO Voter ID requirements, NO reliable provisions for signature comparisons....it's a vote harvester's dream scenario,  it is now legal in Nevada, and it's coming to your state soon unless we take action to stop it!


With your help, True the Vote will continue fighting to bring the truth to light.We will continue working with election officials, attorneys general, secretaries of state, and others all over the country to bring awareness to the risks of mass vote by mail.We will continue in courtroom battles to protect the constitutional rights of fellow voters.We will continue training citizens to participate in our elections, to serve at the polls and on committees to review incoming mail ballots before they are counted.We will continue planning for Election Day and post-election support operations.We will continue doing all we can to ensure that our elections remain free, fair, and secure for voters of all beliefs and backgrounds.We only have 90 days until Election Day. There is a tremendous amount of work to be done  - and we can't do it without your help.  Contribute today and let's work together to protect election integrity for all voters.And above all - never, never, never, never quit.  America is worth fighting for!Onward,Catherine EngelbrechtFounderTrue the Vote

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