Email to Challengers (copy 01)

Dear    As you likely know, a few months ago Fair Fight, Inc. (the PAC started by Stacy Abrams) sued True the Vote and several individual citizens because of the voter challenges we worked together submit to county election boards. Fair Fight accused TTV of “voter intimidation” and “harassment” on the basis of submitting these challenges. We then countersued Fair Fight for their role in attempting to intimidate and harass all of us.I’m writing to let you know that the Judge in this case is now requiring we provide him with a list of challenger names. He has stated the list will be kept under a protective order, but I am nonetheless frustrated. We fought hard against disclosure. True, all the information is public record, but we wanted Fair Fight to have to figure it out for themselves. Our attorneys argued that True the Vote should not have to disclose the names of the individual challengers, based upon the First Amendment rights we all have to petition our government. The court’s protective order will allow our attorneys to mark your information as “confidential” – this will prevent the attorneys from being able to disclose your information publicly or to mention your information in court documents, as all information  will be filed “under seal.” Even still, I wanted you all to know of this development  TTV will continue to defend against this lawsuit vigorously and to uphold our commitment to each of you, the American patriots who helped us in bringing these challenges to light. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are all in this together - working together we really can true the vote. Ever onward -