Episode 1: Red, White, True 05-26-20


May 26, 2020

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Catherine Engelbrecht Launches "Red White & True" Podcast; Renowned Constitutional lawyer Jim Bopp joins as inaugural guest"[The Left's vote by mail effort] would result in the most enormous voter fraud in the history of our country... this is a calculated, planned, multi-million dollar funded effort."

HOUSTON, Texas - True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht today announced the launch of her podcast, Red White & True, where she will weekly provide the latest election news from across the country and update listeners on efforts being taken to secure the 2020 elections and preserve the voting rights of Americans from all backgrounds and ideologies. Each show will feature a notable guest and conclude with listeners' and supporters' questions answered by Catherine. In her first episode, Catherine interviews James Bopp, Jr., leading Constitutional lawyer and general counsel of True The Vote. Jim and Catherine discuss how the Presidential election could very well end up back at the Supreme Court like the 2000 election of Bush v. Gore. Watch Catherine recording in her studio in the video below. You can also listen and download the first episode here. Episode two will post later this week.

Catherine asks Jim if he thinks this election could again end up in the Supreme Court. Jim responds, "[This would] multiply Bush v. Gore by 50, this is a 50-state effort. There is no state in which there is a fraud protection that they don't have in their sights, because they know [if] they can strip away the protections against voter fraud, that they are going to win more elections. [Not only] the presidency, but the Senate, the House, the state legislatures...there is no state, blue or red, where they cannot make electoral process by massively increasing vote fraud."

Catherine tells listeners, "We cannot cede any inch, every opportunity that we can take to fight back, to get ahead of this, we must, and we must do it for all of our countrymen... There is no more important fight out there right now than the right to vote, the right to a free and fair election. If we lose these rights, you don't get them back, we can't cede the ground now."

The full interview may be viewed at www.truethevote.org and on the True The Vote YouTube page. Also available for download



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