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On May 22nd, The Hillreported that of 3 million ballots cast in Wisconsin in the 2020 election, officials had flagged just 27 as fraudulent. This finding, The Hill believes, is supposed to be reassuring. It’s supposed to make us feel good about the whole election: “Look at this!” says the establishment, “We held a careful review and less than one thousandth of one percent of our election was fraudulent! How good are we!”The very fact that they bother reporting this number with a straight face—only 27 instances of fraud out of 3 million—is a measure of their contempt for you and their contempt for the American voter. Don’t be suckered.The biggest part of not being suckered is knowing what you can do now to restore American democracy. Those who benefited from the vote fraud would be delighted if we spent all our energies trying to reverse the 2020 election while the clock ticks down to 2022, now less than 500 days away.The decision by the Supreme Court not to hear the fraud cases before the election was certified, together with their decision to declare the fraud cases moot afterwards, indicate the extent to which the establishment on both sides and the institutional powers in Washington DC are more than ready for the American people to give up. With that in mind, it’s important to have a realistic understanding of what the state audits currently underway—as well as those being contemplated—actually can achieve.

We are eagerly watching the Maricopa, Arizona, audit. But an up-to-the-minute report indicates that of the 46 counting tables set aside for this audit, only 28 are currently staffed. The effort needs volunteers.If you live in the area and can help out, please call your local representative and find out how you can get involved.The Georgia audit is getting underway, with 5 pallet-loads of ballots awaiting inspection in Garland County. But Fulton, a hotbed of election fraud, wants to provide scans of the ballots rather than the ballots themselves, and is attempting to insist on providing these scans at a resolution of just 600 dpi. They can’t claim that this is a time-saving operation: How much more time would it save just to hand over the ballots themselves?In Michigan, an independent effort to review the evidence of fraud will give its presentation on June 5th in Antrim County. The Antrim County audit in Michigan has been stymied by state legislative action taken in 2018, when they gave power to the secretary of state to determine what constitutes a proper audit. (This put the audit under the control of Jocelyn Benson, who may be the most partisan secretary of state in the country.)In Windham, New Hampshire, the audit has started, but is on an extremely small scale. It is overseen by three parties who are supposed to be independent, but people close to the process have expressed concern about their impartiality.So, what’s the bottom line? These audits, as erratic as they may seem, are nonetheless critical in learning what really did (and didn’t) happen in 2020. We are being forced to confront the shortcomings in our processes, we are uncovering the sources and methods of fraud, we are collaborating and advocating for safeguards and election reforms. We are finally learning. And we can never forget.Every American who cares about the basic principles of our representative republic should even now begin to prepare for the next election, and be ready to devote time and energies to helping safeguard the election process in your own hometown. If you live near a location where an audit is currently taking place, volunteer to help conduct that audit. But no matter where you live, we need your help in the next election cycle, working in the polls. True the Vote will be your guide. We can train you to work at your local polling place, and we can show you how to help keep your voter rolls clean. We need volunteers in every precinct in the country. Join us. Serve your country.---